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Review: The Aloha Bride

Review: The Aloha BrideThe Aloha Bride by Emma Darcy My rating: 3 of 5 stars I’m a huge fan of groveling. I don’t think there’s enough groveling in romance novels these days. I think people in Romancelandia are just way too forgiving. “So you slept with my step-mother, bankrupted my father, stole my virginity, saddled me with a... Read More »

Harlequin Presents: The Unforgettable Husband by Michelle Reid

Harlequin Presents: The Unforgettable Husband by Michelle ReidAmnesia is my favorite Harlequin Presents trope. It’s like a reset button of sorts; it can enable relationships to start over and turn total jerks into fine upstanding citizens and sweethearts. This particular story, however, uses amnesia as a pause button. Neither of the two leads change very much and once the afflicted recovers her... Read More »

Review: Gimme a Kiss by Christopher Pike

Review: Gimme a Kiss by Christopher PikeThat is one scary book cover. I closed my eyes just now and saw it on my eyelids. Great. I’ll probably dream tonight about some bizarre frog-lady with scuba goggles and googly eyes chasing after me, screaming, “Gimme a kiss! Gimme a kiss!” Christopher Pike was a staple in my early teenage years. He was... Read More »

Review: Fair Coin by E.C. Myers

Review: Fair Coin by E.C. MyersIt’s not often these days that you come across a stunning, fast-paced, cleverly-plotted teen novel that’s just about a kid wishing he was someone else in a genre that’s rife with vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, and literal battle royales where you’re pitted against your fellow teens for a year’s supply of food in post-apocalyptic worlds.... Read More »