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Let’s Not Play Any Games…

Let’s Not Play Any Games…[monologue] After months of searching, I’ve finally found you, bellissima, and here we are now in this quaint little diner in some backwater town… Giancarlo! Dove siamo? Che vuol dire, che non sai? Texas? Come diavolo siamo arrivati qui? Ah, basta! Forgive me for my outburst, cara mia… my driver, he takes me a little... Read More »

A Man in a Million by Jessica Bird

A Man in a Million by Jessica BirdMadeleine Maguire has a crush on Michael “Spike” Moriarty. He’s tall, buff, tattooed, has black hair and yellow eyes, and rides a Harley. ::wolf whistle:: Hot stuff. And he seems so mysterious… Every time Madeleine sees Spike, her heart goes a-racin’ and all she wants to be is his lover-girl. Spike Moriarty has a secret.... Read More »

Make Love to Me, Silhouette Cover Model!

Make Love to Me, Silhouette Cover Model!Well, goddamn. I’ve never looked at a Silhouette hero and thought, “Uh! Uh! Yeah! Yeah! Give it to me, Papi! Punch it!” I could just be hormonal right now on account of Aunt Flo being in town and all, but there’s something about this cover that made my girly parts tingle something fierce. I wonder... Read More »