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Review: The Switch (Film)

Review: The Switch (Film)I’m a grump, a grouch, the kind of lady who says, “Ugh” at romantic comedies with a thumbs down and over-exaggerated eye-rolling. I should have hated this film because it’s just Jennifer Aniston playing Rachel from Friends again for the umpteenth time and Jason Bateman is playing a variation of Michael Bluth from the brilliant... Read More »

Review: Something New (Film)

Review: Something New (Film)Something New is one my favorite “guilty pleasure” film. It’s one of those movies that I have to stop and watch whenever it’s on the Oxygen Network and it’s on at least once a week. Simon Baker is always to-die-for (gurrrrrrl, he is foiiiiiiine) and this is Simon Baker at his best. He’s laid-back, handsome,... Read More »