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Mmm… Tie Me Up, Bruce!

I’m all about equal opportunity hottie-pimpage on my blog. It’s not All Scott Speedman All The Time. I mean, that would be boring. Life is all about variety, after all. Sometimes, I like me a dark-haired hottie and whenever that occasion rolls around, I get me a hankerin’ for Christian Bale. Just look at him... Read More »

Prettier than All My Pretty Friends Combined

Damn, Tom Welling is the best looking man in the whole wide world. I had a ginormous crush on him when Smallville first came out and I remember how excited I was in the summer before its first season and actually marked down the days till its premiere on my calendar. Yes, yes, it’s sad.... Read More »

Oooh… Pretty!

... Read More »

Random Hot Dude

What a beautiful man. Who is he, you may ask? His name is Ben Jelen and other than that, I don’t know shit about him except he’s so damn pretty. He’s got Asiatic features but according to his profile on IMDB, he’s Scottish or something. Anyway, he also kind of looks girly and because I... Read More »

Happy 30th Birthday, Baby!

I wish I could give you ME in a box. I wish you could celebrate in my pants. I wish you would make one of those odd black and white French films where you walk around naked for no damn reason. But enough about my wishes. Today, I hope you look over the gifts that... Read More »