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Review: Abduction

Review: AbductionAbduction by Charlotte Lamb My rating: 2 of 5 stars I have never come across a heroine in a contemporary romance novel so broken and weak that I don’t want her to end up with anyone at all. That the only happy ending I want for her is a safe place in a high-walled, gated... Read More »

Review: Something Less Than Love

Review: Something Less Than LoveSomething Less Than Love by Daphne Clair My rating: 2 of 5 stars WARNING: F-Bombs abound Bam SMASH!!!! Arrrrgh, this book made me so mad but I devoured it like pizza and finished it in one gulp. Plus it’s by Daphne Clair and I’d read anything she writes. I don’t even really know how to... Read More »

Review: Another Time

Review: Another TimeAnother Time by Susan Napier My rating: 4 of 5 stars WHAT AN INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE! Reformed Bad Boy Extraordinaire/International Playboy/Best-Selling author Alexander Knight had a wonderful, life-transforming revelation. And he owes it all to a one-night-stand with a mysterious white-haired, delicate-looking woman who disappears in the morning before he wakes up. It is such a... Read More »

Harlequin Presents: Zoe and the Tormented Tycoon by Kate Hewitt

Harlequin Presents: Zoe and the Tormented Tycoon by Kate HewittZoe Balfour is a young, beautiful, extremely wealthy and pampered socialite that had just discovered an awful truth. Worse yet, this secret was revealed and splashed all over the tabloids in England. As it turns out, the youngest of the Balfour girls, is not a Balfour–one of the wealthiest, prestigious, grandest families in the U.K.–at... Read More »

Harlequin Presents: Marriage on the Rebound by Michelle Reid

Harlequin Presents: Marriage on the Rebound by Michelle ReidShaan Saketa is stood up on her wedding day by Piers Danvers, a guy she just started dating, to run off with his childhood sweetheart. She is devastated to the point that she locks herself in her room and tears the wedding gown off of her body, yelling at everyone to go away, just please... Read More »

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