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Review: Gimme a Kiss by Christopher Pike

Review: Gimme a Kiss by Christopher PikeThat is one scary book cover. I closed my eyes just now and saw it on my eyelids. Great. I’ll probably dream tonight about some bizarre frog-lady with scuba goggles and googly eyes chasing after me, screaming, “Gimme a kiss! Gimme a kiss!” Christopher Pike was a staple in my early teenage years. He was... Read More »

Fear Street: Broken Hearts

Fear Street: Broken HeartsAn extra special chiller for Valentine’s Day by the author of the Cheerleaders series. Josie and Melissa are frightened when they begin receiving threatening valentines. Then the murders begin. Who is sending these horrible valentines to the girls of Shadyside High? And who will be the next to die? I would hate to get a... Read More »

Fear Street: The Boy Next Door by R.L. Stine

Fear Street: The Boy Next Door by R.L. StineLynne and Crystal think Scott has it all. He’s the new star of Shadyside High’s football team. And he’s moved in right next door! Both girls will do anything. Say anything. Try anything to get the chance to go out with him. That’s all either of them want. But that’s all Scott’s last girlfriend wanted,... Read More »

Movie Review: Train

Movie Review: TrainWhy do horror movies want you to believe that dirty foreign people from Latin America and “under developed” countries in Eastern Europe do nothing but sit around all day and wait until a bunch of dumb Americans come through so they can kidnap them, stick them in cages, and cut them open one by one... Read More »

Review: HORNS by Joe Hill

Review: HORNS by Joe HillI think it was Plato who said that men and women started out as one being but then Zeus got jealous and split them apart so that they will spend the rest of their lives looking for their other half. At the heart of Joe Hill’s new book, Horns, is a story about a man... Read More »