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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Where Everybody Knows Your Name[Fake Blurb Alert!] She has never belonged anywhere… Luanna Joy is the most beautiful girl in Belle Terre, Alabama. But she is also the loneliest. Other girls have never invited her to their parties or get-togethers. They never asked her to hang out and have a drink after work. She had often wondered if they... Read More »

Does This Beard Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Beard Make Me Look Fat?[Fake Blurb Alert!] Ben Houston has always been a man’s man. He enjoys ice skating as much as the next guy, washes down his arugula and fennel salad with a pale ale after a hard day’s work, and absolutely adores the sensation of the sun kissing his golden tan skin while soaping up his Miata... Read More »

Mitch’s Special Sauce

Mitch’s Special SauceHi, Mitch, here I am! Where’s that special yummy fudge you promised me? *sniffs* Hmm… it sure smells like heavenly chocolate… and oddly enough, chlorine… Whoa, there, buddy. You must have gotten dressed in a hurry because your pants are still unzipped. In fact… *looks away* Listen, Mitch, can you stuff Little Mitch back in... Read More »

All I’ve Ever Wanted to Do is…

All I’ve Ever Wanted to Do is…[fake blurb alert.] …dance for an all-male revue! Dylan Quinn is unhappy. There’s a festering, pus-crusted, gaping hole where his soul should be, and it’s all because he had never allowed himself to do what he’s always wanted to do: join the Royal Academy of Dance. As a child, Dylan had learned there is only... Read More »

It’s Called a Security Chain…

It’s Called a Security Chain…[fake blurb alert] Terry Randall is nursing a heartbreak. Because of his long, grueling hours as a marketing executive for Banana Republic, his lover of ten years Fernando decided he has had enough of Terry’s neglect and booked it for Miami to become a tennis instructor. Now Terry finds himself sitting alone every night in... Read More »

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