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Review: All Night Long

Review: All Night LongAll Night Long by Anne Mather My rating: 3 of 5 stars This is a “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” type of story and I dug it for the most part. I thought the heroine protested a little too hard and a little too long to her own detriment…and yes, the hero is in... Read More »

Review: Wicked Caprice

Review: Wicked CapriceWicked Caprice by Anne Mather My rating: 3 of 5 stars Okay… more like 2.5 stars. This is one of those books that I had on my TBR for a while and was hesitant to pick up because the title is boring and kind of vague. Wicked Caprice. Wicked = Mischievous or playfully malicious; caprice... Read More »

Review: The Aloha Bride

Review: The Aloha BrideThe Aloha Bride by Emma Darcy My rating: 3 of 5 stars I’m a huge fan of groveling. I don’t think there’s enough groveling in romance novels these days. I think people in Romancelandia are just way too forgiving. “So you slept with my step-mother, bankrupted my father, stole my virginity, saddled me with a... Read More »

Marrying a Millionaire by Laura Martin

Marrying a Millionaire by Laura MartinCathy Taylor has had enough of big-city life. Having lived in a high-rise apartment building that was practically a tenement with her five-year-old monster, she had always dreamed of a simple country life with wide, open spaces, fresh air, neighborly folk, and lots of trees. Cathy finds a picturesque little village and moves into an... Read More »

Harlequin Presents: Marriage on the Rebound by Michelle Reid

Harlequin Presents: Marriage on the Rebound by Michelle ReidShaan Saketa is stood up on her wedding day by Piers Danvers, a guy she just started dating, to run off with his childhood sweetheart. She is devastated to the point that she locks herself in her room and tears the wedding gown off of her body, yelling at everyone to go away, just please... Read More »

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