The Stable

Mmm… Arrow…

As I am in the throes of a brand-new crush, you’ll just have to suffer this man a little bit longer. You may indulge yourself in his hotness here and here. Oh, and here. And oh Science, just look at this! Admit it, weren’t you guys getting sick of Superman anyway (except for you, Joanne!)?... Read More »

In The Spirit of Halloween…

Here’s the Green Arrow, a man who loves his weapons and knows how to use ’em. Work it, baby, woooooork it! And he’s got an Arrow Cave, you guys! I didn’t know Arrows lived in caves. Silly thing. And Superman! Why does the Big Blue Boy Scout always look so solemn? Do you think he... Read More »

A Dirty Bad Boy Hottie

He’ll seduce you, take you home, shag your brains out, and sneak out while you’re sleeping with the contents of your wallet in his pocket (what, do you think drug dealers would just give you heroin ’cause you’re hot?), but damn he’d be worth it. However, for those of you who like to live on... Read More »

Monday Morning Piece of Ass

I do love Christian Bale. But only in movies. He always looks kind of fug outside of them (he just looks stinky). Sure, there is some hotness creeping in here and here and I’d still totally hit it, but he just looks like… some guy. Like that kind of hot, kind of creepy dude that... Read More »

Jean Claude is a Foxy Lady

Hey, Anita Blake fans, check this out! According to LKH, this picture is really, really sexy. Really. We took pictures of Anita holding a gun while wearing the zombie penguin shirt and a picture of Jean-Claude leaning against a wall and looking just scrumptious to a convention, and there was almost a fistfight over who... Read More »

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