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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Where Everybody Knows Your Name[Fake Blurb Alert!] She has never belonged anywhere… Luanna Joy is the most beautiful girl in Belle Terre, Alabama. But she is also the loneliest. Other girls have never invited her to their parties or get-togethers. They never asked her to hang out and have a drink after work. She had often wondered if they... Read More »

The Vulcan’s Secret Baby

The Vulcan’s Secret Baby[Fake Plot Summary!] She vowed never to be overruled by passion… Lady T’Shaih of House Sarek, the youngest daughter of Councilor Sarek and the last one to leave the fold, has finally convinced her strict and forbidding father to release her from the cloister and let her attend Starfleet Academy. Ever since her older sister... Read More »

One Night with a Snifter…of Whiskey

One Night with a Snifter…of Whiskey[Fake Plot Summary!] Sunshine Derby comes from a long line of powerful witches mated with shape-shifters. Her mother had married a werewolf, Sunshine’s father, and after his death, became the queen consort of the king of the most powerful pride in California. Her step-father was a fair and righteous male, if not a kind one,... Read More »

Let’s Not Play Any Games…

Let’s Not Play Any Games…[monologue] After months of searching, I’ve finally found you, bellissima, and here we are now in this quaint little diner in some backwater town… Giancarlo! Dove siamo? Che vuol dire, che non sai? Texas? Come diavolo siamo arrivati qui? Ah, basta! Forgive me for my outburst, cara mia… my driver, he takes me a little... Read More »

Not Quite Ready for Love

Not Quite Ready for Love[in media res] Renee could only stare in fascinated horror as she watched her former lover’s head move slowly toward her and knew he meant to kiss her on the mouth. She knew it was going to happen, expected it and even mentally prepared herself for it. But nothing could have prepared her for the... Read More »

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