Grade: B-

The Morning After by Dorie Graham

The Morning After by Dorie GrahamI’ve read and reviewed this trilogy before (eight years ago, in fact), but I came across the books on Scribd and remembered them being pretty fun, so I decided to re-read them. And re-review. I’m wacky like that. Here we go. Nikki McLellan, a veterinarian, calls herself “the One-Night Wonder”. That’s because all the guys... Read More »

Marrying a Millionaire by Laura Martin

Marrying a Millionaire by Laura MartinCathy Taylor has had enough of big-city life. Having lived in a high-rise apartment building that was practically a tenement with her five-year-old monster, she had always dreamed of a simple country life with wide, open spaces, fresh air, neighborly folk, and lots of trees. Cathy finds a picturesque little village and moves into an... Read More »