Who is this Woman?

There is an inherent feeling of self-indulgence every time anyone tries to write about herself, especially if that person is an author. Some writer—I think he was French—once said that you can’t really write about yourself without sounding like a narcissist. It’s unavoidable. That’s totally true. For example, I want to say something like this:

I love this community because I feel like I found a home where we can geek out about books we love. It is like a family, we’re so passionate about this genre and we love it so much that we fight all the time. At the end of the day, however, we come together with a love for romance novels. We enjoy talking about them whether we’re authors, bloggers, students, or lawyers; we’re all readers.

[But it comes out like this:]

I started a blog because my opinions should be recorded for all time. My thoughts should be shared amongst the masses, and discussed at length like Shakespeare. The sheeple must all genuflect before my brilliance because I’m awesome. I’m also a scholar focusing on literature and am the envy of the entire university—nay, ALL universities. Author, blogger, scholar… I’m a triple threat. We all love books, but let’s face it, I love them more than you and I read faster than anyone alive—nay, anyone living OR dead. Everyday I add content to my blog at the expense of homework, you bitches should be paying me money and showing some respect!![one]!! I have the respect of well-respected literature professors, they want me to be a professor, but I’m bored with them – I’m too good for even a professorship. Oh, man… I’m so awesome.

And that’s why I can’t write about myself.


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