Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The Same Last Name[Fake Blurb Alert!]

She has never belonged anywhere…

Luanna Joy is the most beautiful girl in Belle Terre, Alabama. But she is also the loneliest. Other girls have never invited her to their parties or get-togethers. They never asked her to hang out and have a drink after work. She had often wondered if they were jealous of her beauty…

But the men were worse. They would whistle at her as she passed and shout compliments, but none of them have ever had the courage to go up to her in person and ask her out on a date. What puzzled her the most was the almost insane, maniacal way they would laugh whenever they heard her name announced on the loud speaker:  Luanna Joy Schitlippz, you have a phone call on Line 2. Luanna Joy Schitlippz, you have a phone call on Line 2. Was it because “Luanna Joy” was so old-fashioned? She had always thought so, but her momma had picked it out of a book and liked it so much that it was what she named her little girl.

Did they find her name amusing because of her last name? Schitlippz was a Polish last name and her grandparents had been Jewish immigrants from Poland. Was it because it sounded so foreign? Belle Terre still had some good ole boys, after all…

He was looking to start a new life…

Dr. Ben Smith has just moved into Belle Terre, taking over the practice of old Doc Jones who retired last year.  He was really looking forward to small-town life after having lived in New York since he was born. With a last name like his, he has never known peace until he changed his last name by himself in college… until some of his prankster classmates found out about it and splashed it all over school. He could still hear their taunts in his sleep: Paging Dr. Schitlippz to the E.R., Dr. Schitlippz to the E.R. please! There were nights he still woke up screaming, his body drenched in sweat. But this new move to Belle Terre was a chance to start over, a chance to introduce people to Dr. Ben Smith, medico extraordinaire without the shadow of his… unfortunate last name.

He never expected to meet a woman like Luanna Joy…

How could they have the same last name? Could they be cousins? They would have to control their burgeoning feelings for each other till they know for sure. But could Ben be with someone who will constantly remind of him of the torture he received all his life as a result of his last name? Schitlippz, Schitlippz, Schitty-Schitty-Schittlippz! Or could he shove aside the hurts of his past and learn to really live again?

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  1. B

    Ok, but what I really need to know is this, are they giants? Or do they camp by fairyworld to steal some privacy from the Schitlipz haterz?


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