The Vulcan’s Secret Baby

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She vowed never to be overruled by passion…

Lady T’Shaih of House Sarek, the youngest daughter of Councilor Sarek and the last one to leave the fold, has finally convinced her strict and forbidding father to release her from the cloister and let her attend Starfleet Academy. Ever since her older sister T’Siza had met a Klingon warlord in Starfleet and eloped with him, destroying the tenuous truce they had with the Romulans by breaking her engagement with a Romulan senator, T’Shaih had been under lockdown, only allowed to talk to her minders and tutors. Her father had even restricted her contact with her Betazoid mother, for fear that the female’s empathy and scope of feelings would contaminate her.

But her father’s concerns were illogical and unwarranted. T’Shaih has always been more Vulcan than Betazoid. Previous aptitude tests have shown that there is practically nothing of her empath mother within her. T’Shaih, in thought process and actions, is all Vulcan.

Or so she believed…

Ensign Dirk Tiberius Ames has just been recruited by an elite Special Ops team within Starfleet called the SEALS. This came as a surprise to Dirk because even though his father and grandfather had also been SEALS, they had both been at the top of their class and had exemplary moral records. Dirk is convinced that the only reason he hasn’t been kicked out of Starfleet is Admiral Derek Ames. Well, that, and his aptitude scores in mental acuity and physical agility, as well as military tactics, has broken all of Starfleet records for excellence. His mentor Captain Christopher Spike is convinced that Dirk Ames has what it takes to become a truly great military leader if he could just quash his arrogance and tendency to question authority of any kind.

Her nickname in the Academy is the Vulcan Popsicle…

Of all the upper classmen she could have been partnered with, the system just had to match her up with the Academy’s hotshot-slash-genius troublemaker, Dirk T. Ames. Ames was the only one in the entire Starfleet history to have solved the impossible puzzle once created by her uncle Rear Admiral Sprock when he was a student called the Yobashaki Ramu. Even though Uncle Sprock had referred to Ames as a “loose cannon” and an “unpredictable element,” T’Shaih thought she might have heard reluctant admiration in the old man’s grizzled voice, illogical as it may be. What’s even more illogical is the way T’Shaih’s heart seem to drop to her knees and her legs turn to rubber at the sight of Ames’ arrogant smirk and charming face dimples. She should not be feeling this way about him. She was not rash and impulsive like T’Siza who took after their beautiful Betazoid mother.

It was just a bet, just a stupid bet…

But it led to T’Shaih leaving the Starfleet Academy in disgrace and Ames being banished to the most far-flung corner of the quadrant, patrolling the area for Romulan warships and caravans of Reavers, humanoids driven mad by years of isolation in deep space and have resorted to cannibalism for entertainment. On the nights he’s on duty, his only companion is a cranky, sarcastic, old-tech droid named Schwervo.

Other than Schwervo, the memories of T’Shaih’s silken honey skin, luscious lips, and the soft snorting sound she made whenever she tried to suppress her laugh, are the only things keeping Ames from ejecting himself through the airlock. How could it have all gone wrong? When he’d accepted the challenge of melting the Vulcan Popsicle, he never imagined he’d lose his heart in the process. Growing up, he learned that love was for suckers. He knew that because his father has been married five times and the Admiral’s heart broke each and every time a marriage ended.

She had to find a way to let him know…

After her disgraced return from Starfleet, T’Shaih is once again kept as her father’s treasured prisoner, though she has even less freedom than before. Now, she is living with the cloister of Sisters in Silence. It is the only place, her father said, that he could trust to keep her safe while he renegotiated a ceasefire with the Romulans, offering T’Shaih in place of T’Siza, as a replacement Bride to the Romulan senator. T’Shaih knows that marrying Khaiell of House Qurzon would be the most logical choice for her and her unborn young, but her illogical heart and burning female desires could only ever accept Dirk Tiberius Ames, her lover and father of her child.

With Dirk a million light-years away, how will T’Shaih reach him to tell him about her pregnancy… And the true nature of her feelings for him? She’d been so young, so inexperienced, and yes, she can admit it now—scared. She should have risked telling Dirk how she truly felt about him instead of seeking refuge within the high, protective walls of her father’s compound… Oh it was all so hopeless. Would she ever be able to find a way to get in touch with the man who owned her heart?

But wait, her older brother Surok had recently captured a ragtag crew of smugglers and illegal salvagers flying and doing business in a repurposed Firefly-class starship within restricted Vulcan airspace. If T’Shaih could help them escape, they would definitely owe her a favor. And maybe that favor meant helping her cross an entire galaxy in search of the outpost where Dirk was banished…

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