Lover Revealed by JR Ward

Grade: B

Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist… and Butch! Whoa, whoa, back up. Yes, I just said Butch. Don’t worry, kids, he gets his own little fake-goth name… but more on that later! You know, as I read this book, I asked myself every other page why JR Ward would give the little human back-up dancer a story of his own. I mean, there’s still Vishous and Tohrment and Rehvenge and Ohdour and Vhomit and Dhisgust and Hherphes (ah, crap, it doesn’t work with words that start with an H)! But by the end of this book, I was sold. Seriously. Okay, I was still laughing and rolling my eyes, but I bought it anyway. This entry to the series tells us Why We Should Love Butch, but also acts as a Saks Fifth Avenue catalogue. Yes, the brand-names with which Ms. Ward liberally sprinkles her books are now accompanied by price tags. (I was wondering how much a Ralph Lauren Black Label suit jacket costs and now I know!) If I had to be frank with y’all, this book is probably the most poorly written one in the series: the dialogue is still heavily peppered with euphemisms that are outright ridiculous and sometimes non-sensical, Butch evolves into THE ULTIMATE MARTY SUE, and the “lessers,” the villains, inexplicably get more airtime and only serve to show us how useless and boring they really are (their boss, the Omega does something pretty scary in this book, though). Fortunately, it’s also the most fun to read because 1) the sex is hot 2) the virgin heroine, a majorly spineless wimp in the previous books, is probably the most developed female character in this testosterone-charged ‘verse, 3) the sex is hot. I’m going to try to review this book with as little spoilers as possible, but if a little something-something slips here and there, you can write me an email and flame me, I promise.

Note: We finally get an explanation why Vishous and Butch seem soooooooo in luuuuuuuuuuuurve.

Butch O’Neal is a former cokehead and cop who is now the human pet of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. We met him in the first book of this series, Dark Lover, where he was the cop looking into the murder of Darius (seriously, how come he didn’t have a fake-goth name?), Beth’s dad. During the course of the invitation, he finds out a little more than he should about the BDB by hanging around with Beth and at the end of the book, the brothers realize Butch knows too much and for that he could not live. Vishous, his darling BFF (but only in a strictly heterosexual way, hags), pleads to Wrath on Butch’s behalf to spare Butch because they’re in luuuuuuuuurve (in a strictly heterosexual way, of course) and will take responsibility for Butch for the rest of his natural mortal life. In that book, Butch also fell in love with Marissa, the wife Wrath had discarded in favor of Beth. The two of them do a little dance, make out a little, then Marissa starts avoiding Butch for no damn reason. Or at least that’s what Butch thinks. Not that any of it matters. As far as Butch is concerned, he isn’t good enough for Marissa. He doesn’t have anything to his name except for the clothes on his back, his own family hates him, he’s got issues that a year’s worth of therapy wouldn’t cure, and oh, he’s only human. That means he’s not even allowed to fight with the BDB; he’s sidelined and benched at every battle with the lessers and is pretty much useless. Because of this, he spends most of his nights at ZeroSum, a vampire-owned bar where he gets drunk and tries to forget about Marissa and his loser status. Just as he couldn’t get any more pathetic, he gets abducted by the lessers, heavily beaten up, and oh… The Omega does something really, REALLY fucked up to him.

Marissa is a member of the Glymera (that’s the ton for you Regency romance fans!), the creme de la creme of the vampire society. She is beautiful in a delicate porcelain way, but no one in her circle would touch her with a ten foot pole. After all, she was the woman dumped by the Blind King (man, I love that title) for a stinkin’ half-breed, so there HAS to be something wrong with her. Having reached her age without being touched—-even though she was married to Wrath, he wasn’t attracted to her and didn’t touch her unless he absolutely had to—-or loved by anyone, she’s not feeling too hot about herself. There was only one man who ever made her feel desired and that was Butch O’Neal. Not that it matters, anyway, ’cause he doesn’t want her anymore, either. At least that’s what she thinks. Unbeknownst to her, Butch visited her at her home and her brother Havers turned him away and told him Marissa doesn’t want anything to do with him. Now she spends her days helping out the abused women at her brother’s clinic and feeding from Rehvenge (sigh), the ultimate Bad Boy of all Vampiredom. Rehvenge luuuuuurves her, but Marissa only wants Butch. Just as she was about to drown in the pool of self-pity, she and Butch cross paths again. This time, Marissa intends to find out how Butch really feels about her. Only she may be too late. Butch, who got majorly worked over by the lessers, is probably dying.

Butch is the tortured King of everyone who’s ever been tortured. If Butch told the Marquis De Sade about his life story, dude would probably sink down to his knees, crying and pleading for Butch to stop. Man, this man’s life TOTALLY SUCKS. He doesn’t have any money, he got kicked out of the police force, he’s pretty much nothing but a glorified pet to the BDB, and when he was a kid, his big sister was abducted, raped, and killed and his dad somehow found a way to blame him for it. He just can’t fit in anywhere. He can’t leave the BDB because they’ll have to kill him for knowing too much and yet he’s not really a part of them because he’s a stupid fleshbag mortal. He’s a liability to them. Luckily, his body seems to be slowly breaking down, so dying soon is probably his consolation prize. Dude is just desperate to belong anywhere. I felt compelled to turn page after page of this book—-even though the writing could be so painful—-because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen to this guy. I mean, could his life GET ANY WORSE? He gets no respect, the love of his life is a vampire society chick, and… he just has no purpose. Does he whine about it? YES. Was it annoying? Kind of. Did I love him anyway? YES. Dude was so pathetic that he was like a deaf, blind, and mute puppy with only three legs and you know you should put him to sleep, but can’t help but love him anyway. And BDB fans would probably throw rocks at me for this, but I really, really think he’s the sexiest one of all of them. He reminded me of Matt Damon’s character in Good Will Hunting, except, you know, kind of retarded. But he’s tough and defensive and damaged… even more damaged than Zarek Zsadist and that dude has a big ole scar carved down his face. And you know, he just really, really wants to be good enough for Marissa even though he knows the two of them could never really work out because he’s human… and she’s a beautiful fairy printheth.

Did I mention how in luuuuuuuuuuuurve Butch and Vishous are in this book? There’s even a part in this book where Vishous comes across Marissa and Butch making sweet, sweet lurve to each other and he gets jealous. Of Marissa. Hawtness!

Marissa, on the other hand, really surprised me. I’ve always thought that JR Ward wasn’t very good at writing female characters, but this girl really impressed me with her own quiet strength. In the earlier books, she was a frail little thing who would faint at the sight of a Brother… heck, in the beginning of the his book, she was still a little porcelain doll, but in the end, she’s really the one who ends up with the most character development. She doesn’t let Butch bully her, instead she bullies him right back, even manages to manipulate him quite effectively a couple of times. I also really enjoyed her relationship with Rehvenge, her blood donor (she can only feed from other vampires). They’re nothing to each other, not even friends, but Rehvenge is in love with her and Marissa only sees him as food. This is one relationship where she has the upper hand. He is putty in her hands. Big ole scary Rehvenge is her bitch. It’s adorable. I applauded for her when she finally stood up to her domineering brother, Havers and pretty much told him to go fuck himself. I guess what I really liked about Marissa is that it’s obvious how scared she is, but somehow she manages to push it aside because she knows she can’t really depend on anyone but herself. In the end, she’s the one who ends up taking care of Butch and showing him how to forgive and forget his family for all the damage they had inflicted on him. In the previous books, I complained of the females in this book being nothing more than the fair maiden in the tower, but this is one woman who is actually willing to stand toe to toe with her man and fight for/with him. I liked her.

I will admit that the main reason I wanted to read this book was because I was curious as to how JR Ward would get around the problem of Butch being human. The set-up was a little contrived, a little forced, and the resolution itself was a little deus ex machina, but it nevertheless made for a very compelling read. The Scribe Virgin gets a lot of screen time in this book… she’s starting to smell like Acheron. She pops up, waves her magic wand around, makes everything okay, and disappears again. It is a testament to Ward’s talent that I want to read more about this woman. IS SHE GOING TO GET HER OWN STORY? What the hell kind of hero could Ward possibly set her up with? Maybe she’ll end up with Rehvenge. Man, that’d be interesting. He’s a drug dealer and she’s an all-powerful goddess. AWESOME. And she’s a virgin, so Rehvenge would hit that like POW-POW-POW. Anyway, we also find out more about the villains—-groan—-and honestly, can Ward come up with other bad guys for the BDB to fight? These guys are pretty boring and weak. They’re like bowling pins. They get set up one by one and the BDB knocks ’em down all easy-like. There is one lesser that is very interesting, though. I felt really bad for him. He doesn’t want to be a lesser anymore. He just wants to stop… being. Maybe he’ll become a BDB in the future. Who knows. I want to know more about that dude, but Ward could get rid of the rest of them as far as I’m concerned.

My problems with this book are the same ones I’ve had in the previous books of this series. Ward gets crazy with the euphemisms. I mean, CRAZY. A friend and I were talking about Ward’s work—-she lives in the Philippines—-and half the time, she has no idea what homegirl is talking about. Sample convo:

Friend: What does “messie me” mean?

Me: That’s when a Brother invites another Brother to go mud rasslin’ with him. You know, they get “messy” with each other and stuff when they’re rolling around in the mud.

Friend: Really?

Me: No.

The pop culture references come fast and furious. One after the other. It’s not just like, “Man, this totally feels like The Usual Suspects,” but a character would actually say, “Whoa, I just got Keyser Soze‘d” (or something to that effect). Say a Brother felt like getting all vengeful on someone, he’d probably say, “I’m about to go John Wayne on your ass”. It just felt… lazy. I don’t mind pop culture references in the books I read, but not if the entire page is so riddled with them that the prose comes off muddled and hard to understand. It’s like Ward is almost trying too hard to sound hip and relevant. If you weren’t a big film, TV, or music buff, you’d probably be pretty lost. I was also pretty disgusted with the blatant consumerism that happens in this book. I’m serious, does Ward get major cash for each brand-name she drops? There’s Ralph Lauren, Davidoff’s Cool Water (Rehvenge wears this cologne and Butch thinks he smells delicious), Escalade, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Grey Goose… Good God, I realize that the BDB have a lot of money, but here it just comes off as bragging. It’s… very unclassy (one might say almost chav-like). It makes them all seem shallow and superficial, like they don’t give a shit about anything else but who made their clothes and how much it cost them. IS IT REALLY SO IMPORTANT FOR US TO KNOW THAT THE COST OF BUTCH’S ENTIRE OUTFIT COULD FEED AN ENTIRE MEXICAN FAMILY FOR A YEAR? And here’s another phrase that made me cringe every time I saw it, “What’s doin’?” What does that even mean? Whatever happened to “what’s up?” or “How you doin’?” What’s doing what? Who’s doing What? What’s being done to whom? Oh, it drove me up the wall.

Oddly enough, I really enjoyed reading this book. I’m serious. Butch and Marissa are an interesting couple because they have so much hurdle to get through just to be together. I liked their chemistry, the sexual tension between them, and the fact that Butch actually listens to what Marissa has to say. We also find out more about John, the orphaned baby-vamp who may or may not be the reincarnation of a Brother who died. I can’t wait till Ward writes his book. AND REHVENGE! AND PHURY! I can’t wait for their books. Oh, and Vishous is next! Yay! I can’t even tell you guys how much I love this series, though it really, really infuriates me. I’m not always happy with Ward’s writing, but I will admit that this lady can tell a story. She’s very addicting. Anyway, check this book out if you want to find out what happens to Butch and how Ward gets around the “pesky human issue”. It’s a little hokey, but I enjoyed it. MORE, JR WARD, MORE!!

Kids, you may buy this book here.

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168 thoughts on “Lover Revealed by JR Ward

  1. Devon

    You're killing me! Killing me! Nothing is sounding all that good, and I have to wait three more weeks for this!

    Ward's genius is that she can have so many elements that would normally drive me insane, but instead I'm eating the stuff up with a spoon and desperate for more. She can write the hell out of a hero. I swear I don't even take note of the names anymore. But "messie me" made my eyes pop.

    Glad to hear Marissa's not painful. I think the heroines have gotten a bit better with each book.

  2. kardis

    It took me forever to start reading the BDB series. I don't understand how JRW can use plot contrivances that make me want to pull my hair out, names that make my eyes cross whenever I see them, and really boring villains. Yet, I still love those damn books. I'm really glad too that Marissa makes a good heroine, I had plenty of doubts about this couple. Thanks Bam!

  3. shuzluva

    Bam, I hate you. I hate you for making my TBR pile huge. Of course, I love you at the same time...for my own personal reasons, including this:

    What does that even mean? Whatever happened to “what’s up?” or “How you doin’?” What’s doing what? Who’s doing What? What’s being done to whom? Oh, it drove me up the wall.

    It may have driven you up the wall, but it's pure comedy gold here. I can't wait to read this, and I hate you for making me want to. But I love you too. It's a tangled web in here. It's also way too early.

  4. Teddy Pig

    What no "La Croix sweetie, La Croix!"

    Names Names Names SWEETIE DARLING!


    "THE ULTIMATE MARTY SUE" Oh lord, you rock!

  5. dillene

    Oh, now you have me speculating as to what Butch's newer, sillier name is. I read Wrath's book and Zsadist's book, but I think I'll give this one a pass. I'm looking forward to Vishous' book, though- I just hope he doesn't accidentally set his sweetie on fire with his voodoo hand.

    What are the odds that V falls in love with a bull dyke on the police force in order to replace his love for Butch?

  6. Kat

    "Marissa is a member of the Glymera (that’s the ton for you Regency romance fans!)" *giggle*

    Have you heard of the term "jologz"? My friend had to force me to read my first BDB novel because I kept making shrill noises whenever I spotted a random H in someone's name. But, you know, I totally heart JRW now. As for the slang, I sometimes pretend it's Klingon or Elvish and that I just happen to understand it (mostly).

    After reading this review, if I can't get this book on release day, I think I might actually cry.

  7. Ann(ie)

    Nope. I will not buy this book, nor any that preceded it. I allowed myself to be persuaded into trying LKH on Smart Bitches and I'm still trying to heal the mental damage that inflicted. I must stay strong and resist.

  8. Nath

    okay after reading your review and siphoning off the over egged sarcasm meant to be used to pass as wit, we both basically agree that Butches story is a good one. I totally enjoyed it. It was fast paced and kept me hooked and yet again uninterrupted my sleep pattern as I couldn't put it down. Now as for the pop references I'm Scottish and i get almost all of them, but here's news when something is written using slang then some people do have trouble reading what they aren't familiar with,I'll bet good money that most of you would struggle to read a parargraph of Scots, but that ain't the issue here really is it? Basically JR writes so her catchment group can understand, yes I'm sure she could make her writing way more challenging but then again you wouldn't be able to understand it let alone dissect it and make yourselves look all big witty and humorous and what not! So put away the spiky barbed tongues and just enjoy a good read for a change please (and as for name dropping brands, you guys can actually visualise it now cant you, yes point proven)

  9. LJS

    Wow.What a review. I've never read anything quite like it. Do you have that sort of opinions about ALL the books you review or just some? And by that I mean...Do you have an actual valid opinion of anything? You oppose yourself after every comment and seem to revel in the self-hatred that you have for yourself in (maybe? sort of? if its a good day?) liking the series. Sounds like some major issues and I hope you have fun with that.

    Somehow I think that if all you said was indeed true--the over-use of the name brands, the vernacular, the names...I really don't think that the series would have taken off the way it has or that there would be such an amazing following of true and loyal fans. Shit doesn't sell, even if its sprayed with perfume.

    So while, I'm sure that some appreciated your review (those also suffering from the--what should we call it? How bout "BDB-wish-I-could-form-ANY-opinion-about-it-itus") I personally think that you shouldn't quit your day job, cuz really--writing reviews on ARC's just ain't your bag, Sweetie 🙂

  10. Sybil

    Geeze did everyone in the fuck get this book? hmph

    I so no longer feel special. ::pouts:: I so need to email for V like now damn it. I wanna be special again!

    Nath it is a review. A review is an opinion. If you don't like her 'wit' or whatever that is ok. Just as much as it would be ok if she hated the book.

    I think many people do not like brands in books because it dates the book. Or throws them out of the story. And well that is ok.

    I loved the book. Loved loved loved it. And think it is the worst of the series. Marissa is the best female. Has the most growth characterwise. And Butch rocks. But right or wrong... that is my opinion. So who the hell am I to take anyone to task regarding their opinion.

  11. Jane

    LJS - if you are a fan, and I suspect you are, you know that JR Ward is the worst brand name dropper; slang user; employer of the deux ax machina that is currently writing books for publication. She's also a freaking genius that we can look past that and actually like her books. Her mojo is fierce. So far, at least.

  12. shuzluva

    Shit doesn’t sell, even if its sprayed with perfume.

    Sorry, LJS. I totally disagree with that. However, I know that a B from Bam is high praise. I can't wait to read this, Vhomit and all.

  13. Sybil

    fuck me... the rabid are gonna come out...

    And it was a good review, I fear for what we get to read on a bad one... ::head met desk:: Guys, you do Ward no favors by acting like this. Do you honestly think she would WANT you behave like this? Please for the love of science think about that before you hit send.

    Back... back to the cell with you! Trust me you will just give yourself a headache. Stay with the ones who think just like you. The cell will be much better for you and your heart.

    And I am not mocking you. AT all... I love the book and the series. I don't want people to view it in the manner. I WANT people to want to read it. Because it is a good book. Because Ward is talented. Not because a group of people turn it into a joke.

  14. Karen Scott

    So put away the spiky barbed tongues and just enjoy a good read for a change please

    Fucktard number 1

    LJS said
    I personally think that you shouldn’t quit your day job, cuz really–writing reviews on ARC’s just ain’t your bag, Sweetie

    Fucktard number 2.

    Anymore out there? No doubt you'll get Ward's weird fangirls coming over here to beat you with a shitty stick any moment now. Don't worry, I'm totally here for you. *g*

    Basically JR writes so her catchment group can understand,

    Pray tell, who the fuck are her catchment group? I read her, but I'm betting I'm nothing like you.

  15. Candy

    Aw, damn, Bam, the fangirls are out for your blood. Get out your shitkickers and prepare to throw down. IT WILL BE OFF THE CHAIN.

  16. Sybil

    Will you guys stop egging them on! Bad bad bloggers... no soup for you! Some one is gonna come call you guys mean girls.

    the nice one

  17. Nath

    LOL fucktard sooo mature!

    Im sorry but i have issues with the review and as said by someone above its all about opinions, mine included. And catchment group would mean the people who read the books sorry if I made that hard to understand, after all you read em or why else would you be here???

  18. Jane

    Soooo, Ward's catchment group (a water collection source apparently) is dumb as rocks and she writes down for all of us miscreants with our 8th grade educations because if she wrote for the more intelligent crowd, we losers would be left behind?

    Just want to understand what the group dynamic is.

  19. Karen Scott

    sorry if I made that hard to understand, after all you read em or why else would you be here???

    Erm, because I'm a regular reader of Bam's blog?

    And you definitely are a fucktard. That's just my opinion of course.

  20. Nath

    oh dear you're just going to take everything on a personal level aren't you?

    ok here it is, if something works, which given sales and popular feedback the format obviously has, why change it?

    Ward I'm sure has it within her skill set to write a boring stuffy book without the use of popular colloquiums and wrap up the stories so boring that they make war and peace look like a page turner but then would would read them on loan from a library let alone pay good money for them?

  21. Nath

    # Karen Scott Says:
    February 16th, 2007 at 12:57 pm

    sorry if I made that hard to understand, after all you read em or why else would you be here???

    Erm, because I’m a regular reader of Bam’s blog?

    And you definitely are a fucktard. That’s just my opinion of course.

    ok so do you even read the books?

  22. Jane

    I don't know how much skill it takes to write using popular colloquialisms or be a brand name user. I think that is fairly easy to do. The skill is making us overlook the ridiculous and enjoy the story. I can't help but wonder how much more popular Ward would be if she didn't use such ridiculous slang, ridiculous names, and overt name dropping. Several readers have commented that they can't get over the names to read the books.

  23. Nath

    if you take it back to base though the granddaddy of all vamps even had a nickname though, its just pop culture for vampires

  24. Sybil

    I think they were saying the term catchment group makes no sense if you look up with the word catchment means.

    As for the terms in the book... they work.

    For a hella lot of people. And they don't for others. Doesn't make them wonderful or right. But I don't think it is fair to say she writes down to readers. Well because I am a fan.

    And one of the first people to say if I break down the book into pieces... it so shouldn't work for me. But I think that is the amazing thing. You lose yourself. The words, the world and the characters seem to take you over.

    le sigh... just color me a fangirl but not rabid...

  25. Nath

    it does if you look it in terms used by ad agencies etc, ok hw about target audience, or reading demographic?

  26. Jane

    Yeah and if you dig further into the books, you'll see all the women are beards for the guys and off screen the "brothers" are busy throwing down with each other and commenting about how buff and good they look against the black sheets and the candlelight.

    "Bite me here on the pec, boyfriend. That hurts so good."

  27. fiveandfour

    When I realized the other day that this one comes out in a couple of weeks, I was thinking I might want to re-read one of the earlier ones to get myself back into the mindset of this world. But really, it's not that complicated, is it?

    Your comments pretty much mirror my thoughts on the series so far. I find many, many aspects of the world and the characters to be derivative. The faux gangster talk not only annoys me, but strikes me as completely unbelievable. The names....oh Gawd, the names! Yet I like 'em. It's utterly inexplicable to me, but I will no doubt be snapping this thing up the first chance I get. *Sigh* It's like a sickness or something.

    And good call on Zarek and Zsadist. I was really annoyed when My Own Private Idaho was out and no one seemed to notice that it was Henry IV. It's been similarly annoying that no one seems to notice that Zsadist is Zarek...and that it's but one of the ways in which Ward has ripped off been inspired by other series and stories.

  28. Karen Scott

    you’ll see all the women are beards for the guys and off screen the “brothers” are busy throwing down with each other and commenting about how buff and good they look against the black sheets and the candlelight.

    Jane, did you just suggest that the BDB's are *gasp* gay?

  29. E.D'Trix

    Oh Bam, what a tempest you have a *good* review.

    I love this series. Love. Love. And even occasionally LURVE. But, as most others have stated in the comments, I love it DESPITE its many, many flaws. Flaws that make me giggle like a schoolgirl when I read them. Messie me??? Good lord. As someone who was born and raised in Southern California, I can safely say I am really up to date on current slang. "Messie me" is current for girls starring on "My super sweet sixteen", not grown-ass vampires. "What's doin?" is current for greasy jersey Don Juans, not grown-ass vampires. And yet? I still love. THAT? Is why J.R. Ward is a flippin genius.

  30. Jane

    fiveandfour - how can you say these stories are not completely organic. Don't you read ward's interviews at all? These characters speak to her! They chose her, out of all the authors out there, to be the medium through which their voices are heard.

    and yes, Karen, I am saying that they are gay. I mean, they aren't? Cuz they sure aren't books I would recommend to Tim Hardaway.

  31. E.D'Trix

    ***and yes, Karen, I am saying that they are gay. I mean, they aren’t? Cuz they sure aren’t books I would recommend to Tim Hardaway.***

    Oh gawd, Jane. I love you for that comment. I really do. BDB could be taken to the next level with the introduction of Ehrohtic and Hhomosexhual.

  32. Sybil

    I am so tossing my hair and stomping off and hating you all.

    you... you... mean girls!


    I don't see the kenyon thing, at all. But I haven't read her much. And Z is completely just Z. Damn it! Not Zarek.

    Teh gay thing would be cool. But I doubt we ever get a gay brother. I was so pulling for a threesome in this book. Really... don't you think it would work? Or is that just me?

  33. bam

    GODDAMN IT, now I have to put steel bars on my windows.

    ... so when's the next book coming out? *evil grin*

  34. Karen Scott

    Jane, I really don't know what you mean, is it not normal for grown men to sleep in a bed together, and give each other soothing massages, and advise each other on what not to wear?

    Wow, I learn something new everyday. *g*

    And hey, they listen to rap music man, they can't possibly be gay.

    Despite the flaws I love the BDBs too, it's her crazy rabid FG's I'm not so keen on.

    Hey E.d Trix, you're still alive!

  35. Estelle

    Oh the drama...

    Great review Bam, as always. Although I'm a little worried for the rest of the series: in the last book, Lower Awakened, we had Phury in lurve with Bella and now we seem to have Rhevenge in lurve with Marissa.

    Well, call me corny, but I don't much like reading books in which the hero--or the heroine for that matter--has been madly in love before. Feels like the actual heroine is only getting second-hand goods.

    All those second chance at love stories, grieving widower with his 2.1 cute kids in want of a mommy and all...not my cup of tea at all.

    So I wonder how Ward will handle Phury and Rhevenge's stories.

    That said, I totally agree with you about Ward's prose. It's a mark of her talent that we still can't get enough of her books--the names...gosh the names...I'm still not over all the Hs and the 'My Brother' but heck, I'm always asking for more anyway.

  36. Nath

    okay serious here people, do you like the book? I personally don't get where all the venom and negativity comes from, with some of the comments I've read I'D say you despised this series. Hey maybe its just me but if I dislike a book I tend not to get all hot and bothered in fact it creates the opposite reaction of complete indifference.

  37. fiveandfour

    Jane & Karen, you're killing me!

    Don’t you read ward’s interviews at all? These characters speak to her! They chose her, out of all the authors out there, to be the medium through which their voices are heard.

    Aack - there goes a splurt of water at my screen. I wonder if she's not getting a little interference in the slipstream there - perhaps she's getting some teen-age homeboy wannabes mixed in there accidentally, like a radio bringing in 2 stations at once.

    Jane, I really don’t know what you mean, is it not normal for grown men to sleep in a bed together, and give each other soothing massages, and advise each other on what not to wear?

    And there goes another bit of water, with ice, down my windpipe!

    This series seems absolutely perfect for fanfiction, particularly the kind where the boys do all those naughty things to one another you know they're just dying to do (except maybe Wrath...for some reason, I don't get that vibe from him), and yet I haven't come across any despite my best efforts. What's up with that?

    Sybil, read Dance with the Devil and you'll see. Here's a teeny tiny list of other similarities I found between Ward's and Kenyon's books (in a less lucid moment, I actually wondered if they were the same person).

  38. bam

    okay serious here people, do you like the book? I personally don't get where all the venom and negativity comes from, with some of the comments I've read I'D say you despised this series.

    Nath, you're new here, so let me explain something. We here at don't hate. WE NEVAH-EVAH playa-hate. Obviously you drank a little too much Hate-o-rade this morning that you're seeing hate everywhere.

    This JR Ward review is not about Hate. Hate does not exist on We do this out of Lurve. We here at love the shit out of JR Ward's BDB as well as her SSE. We are huge, rabid fans of JR Ward. We would like to have JR Ward's babies. In fact, if Ms. Ward were to send us an ARC of Vishous' book, we'd probably die of happiness.

    ... but we're not blind. Just because we love, doesn't mean we don't see what's wrong with the series. Do you not see that we love DESPITE its faults? Now whose love its truer... yours or ours?


  39. Kat

    I wondered when the rabid Cellies would descend. Makes me cringe to call myself one (though not rabid).

    Nath, if you've read any of Bam's other reviews, you'd know that this one was filled with compliments that add up to...a recommendation. *gasp* But part of why we love to read her reviews is because she says it like it is, in a snarky way that we enjoy. We don't have to think a book is perfect to buy it. I LOVE the BDB but by no means do I think they're perfect. If you can't feel the serious JRW pimping going on in the comments, you haven't been reading between the lines.

    And there's nothing more off-putting to potential readers (the ones who haven't tried the series yet but are thinking about it) than fans commenting on review sites about how the reviewer is spewing vomit (excuse me, vhomit *lol*). We love Bam's mess - we'd lick it off the floor if she asked (erm, that was an expression).

  40. fiveandfour

    *Sniffle sniffle* Bam, you had me at We here at don’t hate. True, dat.

    Before you responded, I was thinking about an analogy Al Franken made about patriotism. There's the kind of patriotism where a person is like a 6 year-old child thinking about his parents - they are like Gods and they can do no wrong. Then there's the kind of patriotism that's like an adult thinking about his parents - he can see the faults and the mistakes and loves them anyway. What kind of patriotism would you prefer?

    Nath, for myself, I do like the books. I suppose I just think of these things in them (gangsta' language, obsessive-compulsive need to impress me with designer label names that I don't give a crap about, character names that are soooo easy to laugh at) like how Star Wars fans thought of Jar Jar Binks when Episode I came out.

  41. Nath

    okay if you cant read back over the comments and see the hate given forth not just regarding JR Wards books but in general then I'm not the only one missing stuff but hey thats just coming from my fucktards view so i may be not seeing things clearly given Im all rabid fangirl , true?

  42. Kat

    Ah, snap! And she said it so much better. ("True?" Teehee...)

    And yeah, I also thought that Butch and V had the greatest potential for some MM/MMF action. V likes handcuffs and chains, right? Right? *g* But I doubt we'll get any three-way action. JRW's vamps aren't predisposed to sharing their soulmates. (I still get chills thinking about Bella's needing in LA - 6 horny alpha males in one house. Good lord!)

  43. Kat

    I think "fucktard" is almost a term of endearment for Karen. Or at least a badge of honour. Maybe Karen should give out badges so people don't get so worked up. *g*

    Gosh, why does a less-than-glowing JRW review always turn into a comments war?

  44. bam

    okay if you cant read back over the comments and see the hate given forth not just regarding

    Whhile whe hhere aht DhionneGhalace.chom lhove thhe ehver lhoving shhit ohut ohf thhe whhoooores whho pohst hhere, whe dho nhot nhecessarily shhare thheir hate. Bhut whe ahre ahmused bhy iht.

    Fhrom thime to thime, whe dho ahllow iht tho flhourish. 'choz thhat shhit ihs fhunny.

    On the real, G. True dat.

  45. L

    I strongly dislike the Scribe Virgin. Her getting a book would make me the sad, that bitch.

    I'm glad she does something with Marissa. Ward's heroines kinda...don't do much.

  46. Nath

    k well i guess i should feel honoured or summit. i just dinnae get it at all but if you guys are happy then go for it, just felt bad that JR busts her hump to turn out decent reads when theres so much drivel out there. anyhow as i said im in scotland its late and im off to bed as have work in the morning dont have the energy to bicker, maybe being a guy im just not bitchy enough least youre reading the books though. later

  47. bam Post author

    Hasta luego, Nath. Vaya con Science. ¡Espero que te veamos otra vez!

    And yeah, I also thought that Butch and V had the greatest potential for some MM/MMF action.

    SPOILER! SPOILER! There is a part where V watches Butch and Marissa and thinks, "... but he's mine!"

  48. Kat

    NO WAY! If you're making that up, I'll, I'll...I don't know, but it will be an anti-climax if I don't find that scene. I will have a lack of climax.

  49. bam Post author

    Nath and I speak the truth, Kat. It's there. And there's about... hmm... a good five or six of those.

  50. Richelle Mead

    As I sit here drinking my Tanqueray gin in its $4.50 Mossimo plastic tumbler from Target, I can't help but realize a certain truth. If not for Bam's review here, I would never, EVER read this series. I still might not, actually, but its simmering man-love tension and unnecessary consonants definitely intrigue me. But not as much the realization that I can use "Keyser Soze" as a verb.

  51. bam Post author

    As I sit here drinking my Tanqueray gin in its $4.50 Mossimo plastic tumbler from Target, I can’t help but realize a certain truth.

    Well, damn. I've never been one for hyperboles, but I do believe I just sprayed a mouthful of my $0.65 can of Coca-Cola all over my four hundred dollar 17-inch flat screen Dell monitor and two-hundred dollar Dell ergonomic keyboard. I just looked down at my wrist and noticed there is a trace of spittle on the face of my ten dollar Casio watch which I had purchased from the UCSD Bookstore.

  52. kate r

    huh--here, too.

    sometime before I die I want a luvfest like this on my blog that won't have anything to do with jan butler.

  53. sallahdog

    wut woh... what would happen if Bam had a negative review of a JR Ward Book..... says sallah who lurves these damn books even as she has a severe eye rollage problem... its the names and the rap thing..... Me likes the homoerotic undertones...

  54. sybil

    I am not licking anything of Bam's.

    Karen has most likely called me a fucktard at some point. And she likes me... most of the time.

    I find it really really hard to believe anyone would ask me if I even liked these books.

    I am not bothered by the triangles because I don't really think phury loves bella. He will get his HEA with a female of worth and be all Bella who?

    I really want Rev's story but V. Yeah, V... will fucking rock. le sigh... this makes me want to go back and reread. Oh and bam hon you can't get V yet cuz he isn't due until Thursday. just saying...

    Oh and I LOVE the rap thing. *g*

  55. Marg certainly whetted my appetite to read the book!!

    I am completely hooked on this series and have been pimping it to my friends. Doesn't mean that there aren't things about it that I think are a little overdone or just plain silly.

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  57. Charlene

    Man. Here I was enjoying ye olde mantitty parade on Bam's TBR list, and suddenly there are 62 replies.

  58. KimD

    Nice review, thanks. I'm conflicted about this series. Half the time I want to throw the books against the wall, and the other half I can't wait to see what happens next. JR Ward has built a pretty compelling world, despite some maddening flaws (the mind numbingly boring villains, the less developed heroines, and excessive name dropping).

    I never cared for Butch though, so I'm only going buy this b/c it will lead in to V's story. I gotta say, after reading your review I'm even more hesitant knowing Butch is such a pathetic mess. But I guess he could be so pathetic that yes, wondering how low he can go would make it an amusing page turner.

  59. Suisan


    60 plus comments? WTF?

    I giggled mightily during that review and thought it was great.

    I might go buy it, but I think it's unlikely. I'm still not quite totally one hundred percent sure that I like the first one. So I'm kinda fence sitting on buying more. (Oh. No. This means I'm a Haytah. What have I done?)

    Anyway, just had to say that I really enjoyed the giggle, Bam. So funny. (My favorite? I mean, there’s still Vishous and Tohrment and Rehvenge and Ohdour and Vhomit and Dhisgust and Hherphes ha ha ha ha!)

  60. Karen Scott

    i just dinnae get it at all but if you guys are happy then go for it, just felt bad that JR busts her hump to turn out decent reads when theres so much drivel out there.

    You know, just because an author sweated balls to write a book doesn't make it exempt from real and honest critique. It also doesn't mean that said book is going to be brilliant.

    If you were a regular here, you'd know that Bam has her own special way of reviewing, and this my dear is a positively glowing review. You should try reading some of her D reviews, they'll probably give you a better insight on how freaking positive this review was in comparison.

  61. Teddy Pig

    OMG! Name Brands and "Vishous, his darling BFF (but only in a strictly heterosexual way, hags), pleads to Wrath on Butch’s behalf to spare Butch because they’re in luuuuuuuuurve (in a strictly heterosexual way, of course) and will take responsibility for Butch for the rest of his natural mortal life."

    Butch is obviously a Buy-Sexual.

  62. Sara Dennis

    I haven't laughed this hard at a review and comments-thread in, oh, ever. I also haven't read any of these books yet, though I have the first. Now I kind of want to dive into my TBR pile just to see what's compelling enough to get past the names. 🙂

  63. Jackie

    Holy fuckfest, Batman. I step away for a bit and come back to more than 70 comments.

    With all the angst tied up in this book (apparently), I'm going to have to read the series.

    But not as much the realization that I can use “Keyser Soze” as a verb.

    Richelle, I (heart) you.

  64. Shiloh Walker

    Gosh, why does a less-than-glowing JRW review always turn into a comments war?

    Lost track of who said the above, but the sad thing is that this was a good review for Bam. Bam, you might have needed an armed escort if you actually didn't like the book.

    Nath said, i just dinnae get it at all but if you guys are happy then go for it, just felt bad that JR busts her hump to turn out decent reads when theres so much drivel out there.

    and Karen replied,
    You know, just because an author sweated balls to write a book doesn’t make it exempt from real and honest critique. It also doesn’t mean that said book is going to be brilliant.

    This is a fact of life. Plain and simple. It's a fact of life and that's not coming from a reader, but a writer. I bust my hump, so to speak, on a regular basis but that doesn't mean anybody is required to like what I write. Do I want people to like my books? Well, yeah. Am I going to slit my wrists with a paperclip or hang myself with a rope made up from crappy reviews when some people don't like them? Nope.

    Not every book out there is going to be brilliant. Personally, I love JR's books, even if I don't much for some of the slang. But I know some people who don't care for them at all and I'm not going to get hot in the collar over that. It's OPINION, people. We're all entitled to them.

  65. Nath

    i said i didn't get it but you guys go for it and it was still critiqued! it means ok while I dont agree with you im happy for you to make your own opinions and wont argue them! and i didnt say it should be exempt from anything now did i?

    my point was when I that is me not anyone else compares it to other books available i find this series rates better for me, not necessarily to you but to me!

  66. bam Post author

    Whoa, whoa, speedracer... simma down, dawg. It's cool. You are welcome to say anything you want on this here comment section, my brother.

    ... but I do believe that some of the commenters on this particular post are stuck on this:

    Basically JR writes so her catchment group can understand, yes I’m sure she could make her writing way more challenging but then again you wouldn’t be able to understand it let alone dissect it and make yourselves look all big witty and humorous and what not!

    Doesn't it imply----and I think Sybil may have already pointed it out----that you think JR Ward writes down to her readers? I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate that notion at all.

  67. LorelieLong

    Whhile whe hhere aht DhionneGhalace.chom lhove thhe ehver lhoving shhit ohut ohf thhe whhoooores whho pohst hhere, whe dho nhot nhecessarily shhare thheir hate. Bhut whe ahre ahmused bhy iht.

    Oh sweet baby jesus, teh laughter! Thank heavens I'd finished my $1.07 Wendy's coke or I'd have sprayed all over my $450 Averatec laptop.
    And. . . .

    and yes, Karen, I am saying that they are gay. I mean, they aren’t? Cuz they sure aren’t books I would recommend to Tim Hardaway.

    I actually just gave a friend two J.R. Wards 'cause I know she loves the gay. And she stayed up until 3am reading 'em, despite the fact that she had to be up at 6 (when she started reading again.)
    I can't wait until the next one comes out. . . . despite the silliness.

  68. LorelieLong

    Since this came up when I was dragging through the more than 70 replies and posting my own. . .

    but you guys go for it and it was still critiqued!

    Just so you know, darlin' a critique is not in and of itself a bad thing. It's a skillful, analytical review, a detailed evaluation.

    Christ, this is a sore point for me in today's culture. "You're so critical" people throw around, and it's really just a polite way of saying "you're such a bitch". I'm sorry, would you prefer I go through life oblivious and ignorant?

  69. Nath

    Bam i meant if JR chose to she could write in stuffy English prose that most people, me included, either wouldn't understand nor care to and Lorelie I was referring to me graciously surrendering being critiqued 😉

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  71. Devon

    Wow, I am in awe. Does a Bat signal go out? A "Cellie" signal? "The WARDen needs our help!" Very intense.

    I'm about to blow a gasket over here in anticipation of Butch/Vishous sexual confusion/jealousy. How long must I wait? Yay and HoYay for JR Ward!

  72. Wylie

    See what happens when I go on an off-line holiday for THREE measley days?!! All HELL brakes loose!
    WTF, Bam? Don't they know a 'B' is like a gift from the gods??


    *Dear Lord, please please please may I have a fan-club this psychotic when I grow up and write books?*

  73. Sarah

    This has to be one of the best reviews I've read. Though part of it does scare me a lil bit. I'll be buying it!

  74. May

    Bam, thank you for this.

    Mind you, I'm not going to pick this one up--it is possible that I'm the only person in the whole wide world to have read past the first BDB book and decided to drop the series--but this review... Amazing girlfriend!

  75. Ann(ie)

    I think at this point, we just want Bam to hit 100 comments. The little blog post that could, "I think I can, I think I can..."

  76. LinM

    Good review, funny funny comments. Here's helping the march to 100. If its a slow month, I may get the latest J.R.Ward. I wasn't interested in "Succubus Blues" until I read:

    As I sit here drinking my Tanqueray gin in its $4.50 Mossimo plastic tumbler from Target, I can’t help but realize a certain truth.

    Guess I'll have to check out some Richelle Mead.

  77. Kristie(J)

    I"m in for helping in hitting 100 :). The thing with me about Ward is I read her first one though I don't really "do" vampire romance. But the zealousness of her over-the-top fans have completely turned me off trying any more of hers. I don't mean the majority that have posted here. I mean the really odd ones that flock to wherever there is a review of her books. I can understand the luuvv - but I'm all weirded out by the over the topness of some of her fans.

  78. Kat

    Hey, I just realised that this a book about a hundred-plus-year-old VIRGIN. Does this mean Karen S will feel obliged to hurl it across the room? *g*

    And also...John is like an amnesiac, right?

  79. Josie

    I'm in to help you get to a hundred too Bam - that review was funny as Hell.
    PS - Good call Richelle Mead!

  80. Catherine Morgan

    I really enjoyed your review and thought it was right on the mark. Personally, the psycho fans really turn me off ever discussing this author with anyone again. It's like an LKH discussion. It always seems to end in me backing away while nodding and smiling politely.

    Keep up the awesome reviews!

  81. CindyS

    Holy Shit!! Some Butch and V lovin' !? I'm so in.

    Whhile whe hhere aht DhionneGhalace.chom lhove thhe ehver lhoving shhit ohut ohf thhe whhoooores whho pohst hhere, whe dho nhot nhecessarily shhare thheir hate. Bhut whe ahre ahmused bhy iht.


    Well, damn. I’ve never been one for hyperboles, but I do believe I just sprayed a mouthful of my $0.65 can of Coca-Cola all over my four hundred dollar 17-inch flat screen Dell monitor and two-hundred dollar Dell ergonomic keyboard. I just looked down at my wrist and noticed there is a trace of spittle on the face of my ten dollar Casio watch which I had purchased from the UCSD Bookstore.

    Were just icing on the cake. Thanks for keeping the spoilers to a minimum - I so didn't want to come over here but I just couldn't help myself!


  82. L.E. Bryce

    Wow! 98 comments already, and the testosterone warning label. Nice to know it's being put to such good use already.

    Something tells me I'll know I've made it as an author when a review of one of my books inspires much discussion (and maybe some wankery, too)

  83. Saam

    ...and the lucky number 100 goes!

    Bam, this review & the comments that it has spawned have only made me more determined to read the book.

    I love me a bit of that mm action, even if it's only voyeurism. I reac Ward for the escapism, not realism. Also for the girly giggles when the characters speak in their ghangsta vhampire dhialect. Lurve it!

    To all of you who have commented, thank you for making me fall off my chair snorting with laughter!

  84. Karen Scott

    Hey, I just realised that this a book about a hundred-plus-year-old VIRGIN. Does this mean Karen S will feel obliged to hurl it across the room? *g*

    Not only is there a 100+ year old virgin in this book, there's also vampires, and you know how much I hate those *g*

    Just as well it's not a contemp isn't it? *g*

    How many comments is that now Bham? (hehe)

  85. Jess

    I really like these books but they tend to be hella outlandish. So much so that when I read that Butch was the Torture King I thought for a moment he actually became some sort of king of torture. I guess it would be Thorture Khing then.

    About the slang did she learn it from a hip-hop video? Maybe she was listening to 50 cent and thought that people actually talk like that, like all the time. And is it just me or only 2 or 3 rap artists ever talked about? The ones that even people who don't know Hip-Hop know about. You'd think the brothers would know more artists being as they listen to Hardcore Rap, all the time. Maybe they only like it cuz hip-hop already has 2 H's.

  86. Eva Gale

    "… but we’re not blind. Just because we love, doesn’t mean we don’t see what’s wrong with the series. Do you not see that we love DESPITE its faults? Now whose love its truer… yours or ours?"

    Hoo My Gawd, that.

    You know, I was swearing off JR. I was. She was up there on my swear offs with LKH, although not for the same reasons. Her Cellies made me Whretch so bad I could Vhomit.

    But now? Now I will buy. Bham you Bitch! Dhamn.

    And, I love Cool Water.

  87. Sarah F.

    Jess, as a white inmate of an Historically Black University, when my students are with each other and not in the "professional" context of the classroom, they do actually talk like that with each other. Not all the time, and not in all situations, but often enough that the BDB slang isn't as odd to me as it might be to other white middle-class, approaching-middle-age women just like me. YMMV. Then again, my students are 18yo black males, not 400yo white vampires. ::shrug::

    Don't get me started about Ward's laughable attempts at 19thC slang in Z's book. I think she got her centuries confused there!

  88. Jess

    I understand what you're saying. My college is near a city that is predominatly black so we're pretty diverse. I have heard people talk like that. With the exception of outtie. I've only heard white teenage girls say that. My point was more about talking like that in every situation. People naturally alter the way they talk in different situations and the BDB doesn't. Maybe it's a symbolic of how badass they are. They don't have to alter their behavior for nobody, damn it. To me, it just seems contrived. Maybe it it because they are 400 years old and white. Who knows maybe I'd buy it if they were young black guys. Then again maybe not, the books have a weird mix of slang usually used by young white females and urban slang. I don't think that anybody over the age of twenty says "messie me."

  89. Elaine


    Thanks for writing such a great review. It sounds as though the things that drove me nuts in her first few novels are still around, so I'll be passing it up.

  90. Sarah F.

    Ah, now I see. Yeah, I feel you (I can't even type that without sneering in contempt, dammit!). Context changes--or should change--language. And it does sometimes sound like some "18yo Valley Girl" slang notecards got lost in the "25yo Inner City black" slang notecards.

    Not that I'm not desperate to read this one. Because I am. And definitely V's book--can't wait for that. And Phury's. And....and.... ::sigh::

  91. Flo

    I had never read anything by Ward but this review tantalized me for like... 5 seconds. Then I realized it's more of the same vampire schlock that Kenyon puts out as well and I slapped myself. Twice.

    It sounds fun but alas I'm tired of the "Save me and love me!" vampire boys. I'm tired of the trite attempts at catchy "popular" humor. I want characters I can actually LIKE as humans (or beasties) and most of these vamp fellas and gals leave me cold and dissatisfied.

    Where have all the good people gone?!?! *tear*

  92. L.E. Bryce

    See what I've started? They're already calling you Bham. No, don't thank me for being a trendsetter. Glad to be of service.

  93. KariBelle

    I am coming to this discussion a bit late, but I do want to add my 2 cents worth. First, I have agreed with almost everything that Bham (he he) has said about the first three books. I have been eagerly looking forward to this book since I finished the last one, which was the same day I bought it, which was the same day it was available for purchase. I enjoyed this review and will be buying and probably finishing this book the day it hits the stores. I have a degree in Literature and have taken more than one class in literary analysis. Bam does a bang up job with it. Even with books I love, I would rather read an intelligent, thoughtful review,even if I don't agree with it, than blind fangirl gushing. This was a book REVIEW. "If you can't say anything nice then keep your stupid fucking mouth shut" does not apply here. It defeats the purpose. It is not like Bam went over to the altar of the Warden and trashed the book while masquerading as a cellie. This is her blog and she can say whatever the hell she wants to say. I, for one appreciate that. And, for the record, it was an excellent review. Anyone who is a regular here knows that.

  94. dl

    I had been going to give this installment a pass, but based on this review I may be reconsidering. A little of the lingo goes a long way. Why is JRW stirring the pot with the gay vibes then not doing anything with it? Cellies are scary fans, and apparently earning their bad rep.

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  96. Kitty

    Hahahahaha! I got here by way of Sybil's blog, and I'm *so* glad I read this review. I'm a fan of the BDB, but most of the points made in this review were things that I got to thinking about after reading the last book. I absolutely hate ass-kissing, gushing reviews that turn out to be totally inaccurate. This was honest, and I appreciate the heads up. 🙂

  97. Casee

    A friend sent me the link for the review. I skimmed it (don't want spoilers yet), but read your other reviews on JRW's BDB. O-M-G, I *love* it. You are so right on. I really agree that JRW is exceptional because she makes it work despite having waaaay over the top slang, names that make you giggle, and a group of white guys obsessed w/ 50 Cent.

    I don't have high hopes for this book for one reason. I despise Marissa. I'm hoping JRW can make her likeable, but I'm not holding my breath. I want to see more of Butch and V. Love those two.

  98. Kit

    Your review made me laugh, a lot. I loved it!!
    I read reviews for spoilers really, since I'm usually already waiting to receive the book. Erm, unless I've never read the author before, then maybe it might put me off buying.
    My main critique of your critique is that there weren't enough spoilers.
    My other minor point, is that everything you've criticised is why these books are so good! They would be too dark without quirky references and wacky slang. Plus, imagine someone reading these books in say 20-30 years time. I'm sure they'd love to know how much things cost, and the kind of slang terms some parts of society used in 2007. I used to love the detail in Georgette Heyer's books.
    But I know, your review would not have been nearly as funny without trashing the book a little. I hope JRW didn't mind too much though (wince).

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  100. Bekah

    This book better be fanfuckingtastic or I am going to be pissed. I have been waiting since September, and I can't take it anymore.

  101. chriss

    I just stumbled on to this review and i'm so glad that i did. I have never seen such an right on review of Ward's work. You have to admit that she is a genius though not only with her books but she keeps her fans going all year as we wait with baited breath for the next book by posting "extras" on her web site. It is just so nice to see someone that's not afraid of some of her really rabid fans who if you say something that doesn't come from their point of view is automaticly wrong and pulled off of the post or they jump on you so you never post anything again. If you have ever been to her web site then you've seen why only about 20 people ever post on there. Everyone else just "lurks" around trying to stay out of their way. I love her books and her site, I just think everyone needs to "Chilz Out".

  102. Lol

    "If you have ever been to her web site then you’ve seen why only about 20 people ever post on there"

    I agree with this statement. I hang around the "Cell" just to catch the extras of the Brothers, but I almost never post there because those people are just too scary. I think my tipping point came when the cover for LR changed just a touch and someone commented that it looked like the girl on the cover was in pain. The moderators actually stepped in and asked that the rude comments be limited. I get that it is a moderated board, but that's moderating on steroids.

    By the way, very amusing review. I've read Butch, and though I don't agree with everything you say, a lot of it has merit, esp. in regards to the product placement and accompanying pricing. The brand name dropping is bad enough, but listing the cost of stuff is fucking ridiculous (hope I can say that here; if not, I know the mod drill from other boards...ahem, ahem). The odd spellings for names doesn't bother me so much, and neither did the slang at first, but four books in and it is getting out of hand, I think. Anyway, I am a sucker still because I will continue to buy the books.

  103. chriss

    That's ok I don't think anyone is going to "Noodle" you here for saying the F-word. Just don't let them know that you read Butch before it came out today. She (JR) actually told her nut jobs, oops i mean fans, if you saw the book before today not to buy it or read it. I also agree with you and everyone else on here about the slang. My questions is how many cops from NY state (Not even NY City) talk like that? I'm from New Jersey and even all of the guys around here don't talk that way. In fact I have 2 almost teenage sons and I would knock out their front teeth if I heard them talking like that. Other than that and like I really need to know how much his clothes cost (not like he was paying for it anyway) and all of high-end stuff that is repeated over, and over, and over, and over again. It really is a great series and a really great read. (and ok I've read it like 3 times already and will probally go back and re-read all of them over again and make sure I log on to her web site at least a few times a week so I can read all of her extras.) Like I said before she's a genius!

  104. Kat

    I finally read the book (had to keep putting it down because I didn't want it to end - pathetic, I know). Bam, I think I know why you liked this book so much:
    - virgin widow, check
    - alpha hero, check
    - amnesiac (partial), check
    - secret baby, check
    Just think, a mistress/marriage of convenience plotline could have pushed this book to an A.

    Seriously, I loved this book. It was like a Harlequin Superromance meets Buffy (those crazy prophecies) meets Karate Kid (think Cobra Kai dojo - "No mercy, sensei!"). A light sabre? Would have been fantastic!

  105. Fox

    I really enjoyed the book.
    I have been thinking about what makes a good book. For me it's something that gets me hooked with the plot, it makes me regret that it is ending, and it makes me look back and think about it.

    This book made me do all that. I would have given it an A.

    I really liked all the pop culture references, and the clothes. Because I am that shallow.

  106. MrsRony

    OMG!! I have never cackled so much in my life. You hit the nail on the head babygirl!! I have been completely insane about this series and thought no one else had all the issues I do. I swear I love the BDB...but not unconditionally. I've only ever been the cell.

    I must disagree tho...I thought the sex sucked. Butch was a lousy lover. Very good oral skills but thats it. This was the least "hot" book to me.

    This was the only book that the slang and labels were just too much. The slang was misplaced too. A few more hours watch BET may be in order.

    Thank you for a honest review.

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  108. AngieZ

    I had a huge work schedule and finally was able to read this one. I stayed up all night and enjoyed it but I had very similar problems with the book. I almost threw it against the wall during the part where Marissa looks at Butch's package and refers to it as "phearsom". Oh please, can you get a more cheesy cliche..... There is even a "definition" in the front - "Worthy of entering a female".

    As a non writer/literature major I don't now what the "voice" of the narrator is called by I was also turned off by the slang thrown into it. Coming from a direct quote by the character is one thing but having the narrative use it is another. For example in one passage the waitress when to get to a drink for Butch and it was described as "went to get a freshie".

  109. KarenD

    I'm late to the party because I've been away from my compy (thanks, J.R. Ward, for teaching me new and annoying words) yet am still compelled to express my deep love for Bam, this review, and the commenters who, like me, enjoy the books while recognizing their flaws. (If you've all formed a secret forum somewhere, can you e-mail me the URL? Please? I'd love to discuss this series without sticking my hand in the crazy.)

  110. Lol

    "(If you’ve all formed a secret forum somewhere, can you e-mail me the URL? Please? I’d love to discuss this series without sticking my hand in the crazy.)"

    I second that. If there is such a secret society, I want in!

  111. Sue

    I liked this instalment (I hunted in three Barnes and Noble stores before finally finding it in a Borders on release day), and I happen to love, Love, LOVE!!, this series. So what if a couple of the brothers are metro? Works for me! As for the fast and furious pop culture references (sorry about that!) bring them on! It demonstrates that these guys are hip and cool and way more fun that those dull-fanged DHs. Kenyon's bunch are soooo boring now. As for the Bruthahood -- love them. Love. Them. Try to get over the hokey names. I know, they're slightly ridiculous, but it's the author's world, and oddly enough, it fits. And whatever happend to suspension of disbelief? I mean, come on, folks, we're reading a PARANORMAL ROMANCE. Let's try not to debate all the fun out of it, shall we? For my two cents, this was well worth the $7.99 plus tax (anyone remember the good old days when these would sell for under five bucks?), and I'm counting down the days 'til Vishous' story. This is a great site, by the way. I am laughing my behind off reading Bam's reviews. Keep them coming! Please!

  112. Trish

    Love this site. I just gave up on Ward's site yesterday, TWO weeks her book has been out, and they still have "No Spoilers" everywhere. Okay, if you haven't read the book, try not to be stupid and go into the section marked, "Spoiler, spoiler, do not read!", 'kay? Nimrods. And whoever said "Moderators on steroids", yes. Power trip, anyone? I'm so sick of the mods yelling at everyone, just to get precious little snippets about the series. Here's one for you - V's book cover will be turquoise. There, that's the last one I'm ever going to get.

    I agree with pretty much all the stuff here; I love Ward's books, they are the only ones I reread over and over, but wow, the slang. And I didn't like Butch's book very much, she freaking lied to us. It wasn't that hot, he WAS a vampire, she lied, she lied, she lied. But she's an awesome writer so I'll forgive her.

    To me, the first three books (okay, Wrath's and Z's) were so good, that the series can't continue the climb, but she isn't totally dropping the ball yet. I am amazed by the sheer volume of words she produces, even if some of them are stupid. She gets into her work, you can't deny that.

    I've just been wanting to hear what more people said about Butch, but when her site is locked down like a prison after a riot, I finally lost interest. I'm reading something else now. And I'll try to buy V's book early, just to be mean.

    There must be fan-fic of her work somewhere, it seems so easy to parody. Vhomit and Hherpes, that would be good. Or have Wrath walk into the room, stumbling over stuff. Z going apeshit and kills Phury, oh, crap. Guess he won't be having a book after all.

  113. KarenD

    Goodness, Trish, you just wrote some BDB fanfic yourself in that last paragraph. (And I should know--a one sentence post I made about the Scribe Virgin on JR's board was deemed fanfic by no less than an official moderator.) It's the noodle for you!

    I could almost handle the over moderation there if it were at least done consistently but it's not. The rule is no sexual innuendo (seems weird given the content of the books, but whatev), yet some people could get away with plenty. The rule is no sigs with representations of the brothers in them, but they're plastered everywhere. (Huge glittery sig file with David Boreanz as Butch, anyone?)

  114. Trish

    I think the rule is really if you suck up to the mods, you get fewer noodles.

    I could just see Wrath stumbling around, all blind, groping Beth (only it's Z, he just thinks it's Beth), or maybe V. Let's see if he swings both ways, people.

    It also bugs me how Ward describes each character by their main characteristics every time they appear. Z and his "skull trim", how many times have we read that? How about describing the shape of his lips. In detail. Or his ... other features. I could hear a lot more about THAT.

    "Adjusting his huge nether regions with a now-practiced ease", something like that. Sigh.

    Better yet, hurry up and publish V's book now, it's written. Why wait 6 whole months? I want to see if this bondage stuff is going to be a big deal and kind of hot, or is it going to be defanged, like Zsadist.

  115. Susan

    I just found this today, and what a great review. I'm going to be busy reading past reivews I can see that. Love all these unmoderated comments! Trish, I'm falling on the floor laughing. Count me in on the URL if anyone gets that going.

  116. SharpBluntBimbo

    Omg omg this is the 1st time I came to this blog and read a review, and I fucking lub you all. Except the rabid fangirls(or boys).
    I love this series but I also think they're one of the silliest ever, and I'm just finding out lately that the mods are horrrrriiiiddd.
    @Trish - the site was locked down cos of a riot? Are you fucking serious? Now I know whythey call themselves cellies O.o Can you tell me more, I'm very interested, and thanx for the snippet, although I'd like more, please. The fan-fic about Wrath stumbling over was just too good, I snorted coke up my $2000 enchanced nose.
    I had no idea that JR's fangirls are as rabid as LKH's, now this is a total turn off. She did lie through her Chanel covered lips, maybe that's why she wears sunglasses to to her signings. And what's with her always describing herself as 'tall&blonde&thin' I get it I get it, you're Marissa and you love Butch and Butch's book is your own personal fantasy of having a human who is actually a brother but oh lord. I actually think this is her worst book yet.
    Yes yes she's a really good writer don't get me wrong but I have a love/hate relationship with BDB books - I know it's stupid and silly and just tries too hard to be high-fashion but I fucking love the Brothers eventho they listens to rap - I hate rap, I once deleted my bf's whole collection of 50cents cos he can't stop playing it.
    Can we open up a forum for people that reads the books and likes it but also wanna bitch about it? How do you go about opening a forum anyways, if it's not that hard I swear I'll host it myself. I need me some bitches.

  117. Trish

    I'm too unmotivated to open a site, but I'll join and be your biotch forever if we can love her books, hate her books, and everything in between.

    I was kidding about the riot, I don't know WHY her site is still spoilered. (And I still sneak over there, as of yesterday, still no spoilers.) And no one seems to be wondering why, in true cult fashion. What killed me is some chick from Spain THANKING for Mods for keeping the forum unspoiled because she doesn't have her book yet - okay, just because YOU don't have your copy, everyone else should not discuss the book? Even in a controlled area, spoiler tagged, with Mods walking the line with their noodle-sticks? Are you MAD?

    Not that I want to read pages and pages of "Squeeeee!!!!" and "Your book was so awesome, Warden!" anyway, but I've waited this long, I want something already.

    So in my new book, entitled, "Lover Unspoiled", Wrath keeps walking into walls, Rhage cannot share, ("My Mary", "my chair", "my new vampire boyfriend" ((V fights with him over Butch, of course)), and gosh, we need some new characters. Aghony, a gender-confused robot, perhaps. Who can cry metal tears and play rap music out of its ... now I'm just being cruel.

    I think that's what bothered me most, was that she lied. The book was not hot, and Butch was a vampire. Two big things that she will never admit to, no doubt, and her fans worship her too much to call her on. Which is why I won't read what she claims will happen in V's book. I fully expect the whole BSDM thing to be a big bust. She's big with the hype, this one. I think it will be better than Butch's, very intense, very angsty. She writes very, very well when it comes to telling a huge, involved story. I can't do what she does, I'll admit that.

    But I don't have minions, either. Think I could get them to detail my car if I had some?

  118. Susan

    Trish and SBB,
    I'm a computer loser or I would get on opening a site myself. I thought the hottest parts were between Vishous and Butch and from some of the comments I think others feel that too. I think that's great and it's part of why I got hooked on these books. It took me several times reading the back blurb of Lover Eternal over a couple months before I picked up that one first. That's never happened to me belore, and shows the ambivalence we all (or most of us here) appear to share. Also I'm not a vampire story fan, so hard to get passed that. I have learned a lot of new slang and started checking out rap/hip hop and downloading some to my Shuffle. Positive point for me, maybe I'll be able to stave off dementia for a few more years by the exposure to new stuff here. I'm with you on the waste of time to read the comments that don't add to the knowledge base over on the JR Ward site. It takes forever to dig though all that stuff to follow those threads. And the chat transcripts, that's edited? YIKES! You go blind reading those and get a very small bit of extra info. Reading the chats is where I could see that some of the Mods seem to be setting up the leading questions and that the inside clique has much more information about the up coming books/story line than we are getting. But, maybe that's their payoff for doing all that work with the site. I'm going to get it for sounding negative when in fact I think the site is great and it's taking the evolution of the books/series into a new and wonderful place.

  119. Trish

    I don't think anyone here is going to say anything about you "being negative", I think it's refreshing to know that other people have the same issues with her site that I do. I tend to forget that, paging through that crap, and start to think I'm the only one. There is a lot of good stuff there, that's why I bother, but I can tell I won't for much longer. It's just too fangirl.

    I also didn't like that it built up my expectations too much. Z's new car, that wasn't in there, and Ward said it would be. She kept talking about "Phury going downhill", and he was barely in Butch's book. Granted, he'll be in V's, to build up for his own book to follow, but I was expecting to see more of him. So in that way reading her board didn't help me.

    People seem to forget that Ward is in the business of selling books, and the reason she hypes her stuff and gets them whipped into a frenzy is so they buy her books in droves. And it works. And they'll all, "she's so nice!" Okay. Yes, a lot of authors don't take the time she does. But I think she gets quite a payoff for that time. It's her job, after all.

    The whole clique thing has been an issue on virtually every internet message board I have ever been a part of, and I don't know if it can be solved. It just seems to happen, every time. Human nature? I don't know.

  120. SharpBluntBimbo

    She's been hyping about the Latino doctor who wants V's bitch, how hot he is, how he kisses like he drives his Porsche and all that shit. But in the excerpt for V's book he sounds like a serious a-hole, so why would I wanna get hot over that?? And which real man drives a Porsche? Huh? Huh??! HUH!!

    I admit I'm a recovering cellie addict, I haven't been to that forum digging for more Brother interactions for a few days now and I'm so happy I'd kiss a fucking lesser. Does anybody actually read the lesser part? I just skip it altogether. Ugh. For the life of me I can't understand how she could write such boring villains.

    I agree with everything you said about Butch's book Trish, it was not hot, it's the least hot of all her books, Phury who should've been there isn't there, instead she put more Z&Bella. I get that lots luuuurves Z but they have got their own book for fuck's sake. Butch was too muh of a loser for my tastes, the scenes with him being in V's apartment was repetitive, he was whining, V was whining, with not even a kiss between them! How could she kill my hard on lke that? I still think the hottest scene in the books is when Phury kissed Rehvenge, now THAT was worth the price of the book.

    I actually said in one of the threads that I almost wish the spoiler part wouldn't open, cos just imagining the THUDs and the pages of pages discussing shit that lead us on to obsess more, but will never happen.
    JR is becoming too comfy in her shoes.

    Hmm I'm very motivated to run my own forum about love/hate relationships with romance books. Get my bf to help if he ever wants another bj.
    Oh btw there's already a character named Aghony, I think it's somebody's father, Z's or something. And a gender confused one, remember Xhex? GOD I'm so hoping she wouldn't give that transvestite her own book - a heroine with man haircut? There's just some things that should never change in a romance book. The heroine should never sound, act or look like a man. I'm so fucking scared she'll pair Xhex off with Phury. If she does I might have to kill her.

  121. Trish

    Phury is getting a Chosen. Oh, won't that be hot? Two virgins together. Gah.

    "So it goes THERE? That doesn't seem right."

    That's my fear about V's book, that instead of this repressed Dom getting the throw down he deserves by some alpha female, she's going go Z's route (and I loved Z's book, but still) and make him all whiny and crying and stuff. She writes the dark stuff very well, but when she even says she had a hard time writing it, I do wonder how that's going to be to read.

    Xhex bugs me big time, I don't see why she's there. I don't care about her, and I don't think I ever will.

    I wonder if they are keeping her forum still no-spoilers because they all know this book wasn't as good.

    I know I'll stop reading after Phury or Rehvenge's, at the latest. It's hard to keep a series going. And if she starts believing her hype, oh please don't turn into LKH, Ward.

  122. SharpBluntBimbo

    Eh... Is Phury really a virgin? I didn't know that... Are you 100% sure Phury is getting a chosen? That sucks. Is it Layla? I hate Layla - she sounds like she could be a total slut. V is totally gonna be whining - have you heard of his father? He's gonna be all 'I had a terrible childhood and my female has to cure me! With her magic bajingle! (read: pussy).

    No, they're keeping the forum spoiler-free cos JR is too lazy to answer all the questions that will come up. Talk about killing a hype.

    Oh fuck me I'll still be reading until Thor's book at least. If she pair Thor up with some effed up female it'll be my breaking point. I think I'll still hate it anyways if Thor isn't getting back with Wellsie, and I don't think he will, so the outcome will be the same. JR won't turn into LKH - her sex scenes can't hold up a book the way LKH's seems to be able to do (not in a good way, but still) but she might just turn into SK, getting lost in the series, promising spectacular book but alas no no no (Ash's).

    @Trish - I'll be your minion if you write more fan-fics like that. P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S. OH Oh oh especially about the pre-trans. They're SO vulnerable for fan-fic, all that skinny gay vibe and 'transitioning' into bigger men, such ripe soil for top-and-bottom story. I mean, hello, communal shower? *snort*

  123. Trish

    Phury IS a virgin. What a freaking waste, given the size of his wang. I mean he and Z ARE identical twins, after all.

    He also is getting a Chosen for sure, but it's not Layla. Probably Layla's best friend, who always has slumber parties with her and stuff. They do each other's nails and talk about what they think sex is like. Phury's intended thinks it's yucky, and there's the conflict for that book. Maybe she witnessed V having sex or something.

    So John Matthew, definitely a bottom, right?

    Speaking of, I've always wondered this, and of course can't ask on her board, but when Z was a sex slave, and men were involved, in what way? That has never been made clear, whether Z serviced them (since his size was such a wonder) or whether they used him. It's a weird thing to wonder but, well, I'm a weird chick.

  124. Trish

    Okay, I just realized, no one can tell when I'm kidding. Ward said Phury is a virgin, and his mate is a Chosen, but not Layla. His wang is huge, it has to be. But I made up the slumber party stuff, I don't know who his girl is. That's just speculation on my part. I hope she's a hairdresser on weekends or something.

    And I do want to know about Z.

    There. That's all the inside info I know. The rest I just make up to amuse myself.

    See, being the sick twisted pervo I am, I'd put Phury with Xhex, at least for a huge old fling. Although he did have better chemistry with Rehvenge. That kiss WAS hot.

    Shutting up now.

  125. Scout

    I'm so glad I found this site!! The BDB board drives me nuts, the cellies are weird and the mods are on steroids!! (I think they lead very sad boring lives and deleting posts is the only way they can vent their anger)

    I can't believe you still cannot discuss the book on the site, that's unbelievable, put a spoiler section up and that should be sufficient for anyone with a half decent IQ from going in. Or maybe that's the problem. It's a power trip for the mods I think, and yes if you suck up to them they will let you get away with anything.

    This was my least favourite book and I agree it was NOT HOT! The sex scenes were awful, I started to skip them at the end. I'm just not feeling the whole Butch/V thing...not connecting with either of them.

    Can't wait for Rhevenge's book and Phury's (if she doesn't turn him into a total wimp) oh and Tohr's

  126. Susan

    Okay, since we are just carrying on here and the posts I sent with a link to a site that can be used for a forum won't go through, I will post these comments again.

    I'm thinking Phury is the sleeper of the group. He's got that hot, hot kiss action with Rhev, and Rhage said on a chat that Phury is the best a mind control. Whoa! What's up with that?

    I'm with Trish in wondering about Z's male experiences, although like John's they were not desired and forced. I'm wondering if it will be the same for Vishous. JR has avoided stating if Vishous has had sex with males and I'm thinking that will be explained in the new book. And the big question for me is will Jane really kick ass, after Z's book I think it's a given that V will wimp out.

    And, I'm I the only one that thought the single guys, naked, and taking turns jerking off in Lover Awakended was... I'm still stunned by that.

    Layla appears slated for John at least in the near future and she's trained sex worker, so yeah I guess that makes her a "slut". Does that make the SV a madam?

    As for Xheh and any of the others, we got a long ways to go yet (4/10 plus books) and I'm going to enjoy the ride.

    Okay, someone else take it from here and I've got that link if you just show me how to get it posted.

  127. Kat

    Ha! That scene in LA with 6 horny alpha males was my favourite. In the entire series.

    Surely Phury will get more pages in V's book. JRW's been very tight-lipped about him.

    As for Z, I just assumed everything imaginable was inflicted on him. I didn't need JRW to spell out the gory details. But I thought he got a little too sappy to quickly at the end.

    Susan, if you can't get HTML tags to work, just type the link into the website address in the comment form and tell people to click on your name.

  128. Susan

    I tried that and it's not working. The message does not post here. But thanks for the advice.

  129. Trish

    What I'm hoping for, and it's been leading up to that, is that Z will let John in on his past and share some of his wisdom. I like that Ward has built up to that slowly, it's gotta come out at some point. That kind of stuff is really cool and makes the books for me.

    What pissed me off about Z's situation is the way his brothers treated him. After 100 years of knowing the guy, fighting with him, you still don't know his murderous side was mostly an act? Wrath thought he was going to kill Beth! No wonder the guy hated everyone. I wouldn't eat dinner with them either.

    Ward does the homoerotic stuff so well it makes me wish she wrote gay porn. Now THERE would be a perfect world. That scene in LA was awesome. And they were all so casual about it, too. "Pass me the Goose, Phury, oops, sorry about my hard-on in the ashtray there."

    It's not just the mods on her boad, the other Cellies police each other too. The other day someone asked a question, and even though it wasn't a spoiler, it was deemed to be "going in a spoilerish direction". Oh, really? Okay, guys, you're good, what am I about to say next? You can't tell? The Cellies can!

    Yeah, I think V will be a wimp in his book. Good call. Phury will be in it a lot, like Z was in Rhage's. We may even meet his chick. But now that Butch is a vampire, it's less interesting to me. I really wish she wouldn't have done that.

    Think V has ever wondered what the SV would be like tied up? Now that would be an opening scene in his book! Afterwards, she takes off the ball gag and the mask, V is in the chair on the far side of the room smoking, and she says, "You're going to pay for that, Warrior." V just nods sadly.

  130. SharpBluntBimbo

    I just wrote a long ass comment and it didn't post! Satan's toes!

    @Susan (or anybody else) - my yahoomessenger id is naughtinita, add me to your im and we can take the bitching get together from there. Dudettes, we should really open up a forum about this, yo.

    @Trish - how do you get all this inside info? I'm a cellie too, but maybe I've just been blind.. Does identical twins have identical wangs? Can we find a scientific proof for this? I'm weird too so don't feel lonely. Man that Phury/Rehv kiss was so goddamn on I wish they'd just go with the flow. And fuck each other! AAARRGGHH

    I wish there was more to the needing scene. I mean Phury woke up with V and utch, couldn't he have accidentally 'graze' a boner or summink,they did sleep in a tangle of muscled men puppy pile. I think V and Phury getting it on would be hot.. Phury is a stickler for pain and V likes to give it, freaking perfect.

    What do you think of Z and John getting it together.. Since they're getting closer and all, they'd realise that man love could feel really good with just the right person.. and all that shit. Man that'd be hot. John will definitely on the bottom, since Z still has a penchant for doggie style.. Ok don't let me get carried away.

    Man I love this comment section.

  131. Trish

    Well, I'm gonna need a place to go, because I just exited Ward's board forever. I happened to find a thread where someone dared to complain that it's been 3 freaking weeks already and no spoilers, and Cellies are all, "Oh, the Mods know what they're doing" and that was just it. I posted my last post with, "I disagree, that's BS" and said I found a place where we've been discussing the book all this time (slight stretch of the truth, but I want to make those Cellies try to find Xanadu) and ended by asking the mods to delete my account, since I'm done there.

    It won't do much, but if I can make just ONE Cellie use her own brain, my sacrifice will be worth it.

    For a total bitch, I am a really kind, caring person, is the lesson I get out of it.

  132. Trish

    Oh, and SBB, I like the way your twisted mind works. John and Z, some good gentle man on man. And not gentle, once they get to know each other better. And good call on Phury, too.

    Take the pesky women out of Ward's books, we're operating on a whole new level.

    And I don't have inside info, really, (especially not anymore) I just assumed if they are identical everywhere else, they HAVE to be identical in the weinerage area.

    Not that I mind, but it kind of bugged me that Butch was plenty huge before, and then he vampired up and got even bigger. I mean, there has to be a limit to these things, am I wrong?

  133. Susan

    SBB, I got your Yahoomessenger id and I will try to figure that out. I'm old and never was too smart to begin with. But oh boy, do we get to "messie" each other now? It did take me months to figure that bit of slang out from the books.

    The information is there in the books and on the board, but on the board it takes days of reading to sort it out. It's so funny that they still have the spoiler ban. One question that got pulled was just asking about one word in the new book. I question the use of that word too and hope that will get resolved before the next book comes out. I saw that some are after them to get the lasted chat posted. Ha! That will take months again just like the last ones. They are going to hit 10,000 there soon maybe a critical mass will develop and plot a revolution.

    The person that suggested the host site that I can't get posted here to me as she feels she can not host this much freedom on her site said she heard insider talk that JR's head is getting a bit too big for her sunglasses frames. Shocker!

  134. Susan

    The thing that bothered me the most about Butch pre trans vs. Vishous size was V wearing one of Butch's fancy brand shirts to see Marissa. I'm just sure that shirt would fit. Petty old me.

  135. SharpBluntBimbo

    Omfg I never thought of that V wearing Butch's shirt thingy... You're right, it's a plothole! Woohoo!! Well not really a plothole but JR sounds so much like a perfectionist I bet this would just tickle her ass.. muahahahaha.

    Yeah I saw some of the chat transcript, it's so stupid, basically everything, the cellies' words and the mods' and even the Brother's were all the same freaking font and the same freaking color, and it wasn't edited in the least. Can't they learn something from SK's forum? Theirs are so nicely edited it was a joy reading them. And the Brothers?? Don't get me started.. Ok I'll start. They kept typing all this shit like *rolling one up, and *cypress hill playing in the background.. I mean wtf? I know that you smoke, V, and that all of you listen to stupid freaking rap but I can read that in the book, you're here at the chat to give inside info, a little glimpse into the Brother's life, so JR, WHY THE FUCK are you still writing a novel in the chat room for?? GAH! K I'm done.

    Trish, the cellies know there are other places to discuss the books all this time, but I think they won't like it cos it just messes too much with the sticks in their asses if anybody even dare hint that the WARDen is actually not as great as SV. Oh I hate the shellans in the series so much.. but not as much as I hate Kenyon's women, thank God, or I'd have stopped reading BDB. I HATE Marissa, DIE you spoilt stupid bitch. Don't care that she gained her 'strength' (and I use that word loosely) throughout the book, I think she's still as stupid as before. JR could've made her so much cooler, something like an idol of good moral values yet with heart as strong as anyone's but she didn't. I was so mad. Ah yes but I do sort of liked Bella.. She my kind of woman yo, she wanted to fuck Z and she did it. Booya!

    Susan, just download and install yahoo messenger, or messenger live. The yahoo one will work if you have a yahoo email account, and the messenger live will if you have a hotmail email account. It's that simple. Then you can messie me 😉 Don't worry about not knowing what that means, I'm 22 and I was 'huh?' for a good few minutes before I figured what THAT means. It's not even a word, I just refuse to believe anyone over the age of 12 recognizes it as a word. And then SOL, FNG.. what else? To add those abbreviations.. just sounds so dumb.

  136. SharpBluntBimbo

    Hey did you guys see this thread in Cellies' lounge about a week ago, titled 'I accidentally killed my dog'?

    Goodness gracious I can't believe anyone is that stupid... Don't get me wrong I love dogs and I know people makes mistakes, but to actually kill your dog that way.. And everybody was going all "Oh sweetie we're so sorry" or "Don't blame yourself". Uh... yeah I think you should blame yourself if you killed your dog in such a way. This just goes to show that these are not readers I want to fraternise with.

  137. Scout

    I stay out of the Cell Lounge about the freaks coming out to play!

  138. Susan

    I did get the Yahoo Messenger and I send you a message naughtinita. I now have status pending to add you as a friend, so not sure if I have done it right or not. Me and computers? Just picture the scene from Mr. Mom when he's dropping the kids off at school for the first time and the lady says "your not doing it right" . That's me, not doing it right, ever.

    I'm sure the gals in BDB are going to become more organized and have more of a voice going forward. JR alluded to how they don't have the main voice in one of the RomanceTV interviews. I with you on Marissa being a lame character so far. And that bit where she burns up the clothes, dumb, dumb, dumb. I hate that kind of dumb ass behaviour. I'm thinking she along with Butch will play a big, big part in the next book and she should come into her own more. Please let her be less of a bimbo. There a small bit on the boards where Vishous says she leads him around by the nose, so must be more future story there for us. I liked Bella a lot too. She felt bad about using that lessers feeling for her against him, but did it anyway. Good for her. And she killed one too, or was that Beth?

  139. Scout

    Nope that was Bella, shot him right in the head and then stabbed him through the heart

  140. SharpBluntBimbo

    Yeah, she killed the dogs too right? Man I like her.

    Susan, I left a message in your Yahoo messenger.

  141. Susan

    Yahoo! Cool! Trish and others you should join us there.

    Scout, I could remember her asking/saying to the guys she should stab though the heart, right? But then it slipped away who it was for sure. Thanks

  142. Scout

    Who Bella stabbed? It was David, her stalker....It was Beth who fought with the dogs but I can't remember if she actually killed one.

    There is a thread on the BDB board right now about how long it is taking to open up a spoiler thread....they are a cult! You should check it out and see all the cellies sucking up.

    I want to join Yahoo, how do I find you guys??


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