And Yet Another Book

…I’d kill any of you for. I am not even joking. I cannot even express what a huge fan I am of Joey W. Hill‘s exquisite, erotic, dark-as-hell, eloquent prose. I emailed her, like, last week and begged her for an ARC. I think I even promised her my left leg in exchange for one. To my surprise, she was totally gracious and didn’t tell me to fuck off. She didn’t even want my leg (wtf?). She totally rocks hard-core, man. Anyway, you guys can go ahead and drool over this cover which Sister Jane from DearAuthor sent me. As much as I admire this cover, something about it kind of bothered me… it… um… how shall I put this… looks alarmingly a lot like the cover of Natural Law, a truly awesome book by the same author. The placement of the woman’s hands is different, as well as the type of handcuffs on homeboy, but… huh… it’s… um… ahem… well, they’re like siblings, I guess. Maybe the covers are brothers with different mommies. Anyway, my favorite part of this cover is the FUCKING SKULL RING on the chick’s finger (Jane likes it too). That rocks. You can click on the cover to bring up the larger image, but dude, that’s so punk-rock. The chick got some sharp ass ghetto nails, too. I bet she’d cut a bitch for real, for real. My only complaint about the cover? The frickin’ red font of the title, dude. It’s hella glaring. And why isn’t Joey W. Hill’s name bigger? She’s a superstar, man! Okay, okay, I will concede that this is her first New York book… but her name better be bigger on the next book. Grrr. Represent, sista!

Squeeeee! I cannot wait to read this book. It’s going to kick ass, I tell ya.

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7 thoughts on “And Yet Another Book

  1. Jane

    Love this cover. When I saw it in the catalog I emailed Hill immediately and said, I must have. MUST. I am putting up a review for Natural Law tomorrow.

  2. Jo

    It feels like I have been hanging out for this book FOREVER because she first mentioned it about six months ago. She is one of the few authors who have never let me down.

  3. Barbara B.

    Bam, whenever I look at the cover of Natural Law I damn near hyperventilate. It's the sexiest cover ever as far as I'm concerned. This new one I'm not loving quite as much. The guy's back on Natural Law was much more sexy. Joey W. Hill is in a class of her own when it comes to erotic romance. Dark, intensely sexual, but full of genuine emotions. She's one of the very few writers who can make female submission sexy to me. Thankfully, too, she also portrays submissive men and dominant women in loving, mutually respectful relationships. Joey is the absolute best!

    Jo's right. When J. W. Hill announced this new book, I think the release date was at least a year away. Damn!

  4. SweetNSourGirl

    Hey, Bam, for the sake of knowing stuff, why not send a "fan girl" email to LKH like you did Joey? Just see what she says. I'd really like to know if she's a total arrogant nut job or not.

  5. Sana-chan

    I gotta disagree with Barbara B. on the cover... this is like the much, much hotter older brother of the cover for Natural Law. For one thing, this guy is real, and not a Poser Person (though granted that's one of the better Poser covers I've seen) Plus the woman's hands aren't as creepy, and of course, bad ass skull ring.

  6. Barbara B.

    Sana-chan, you're so freakin' right! I've got BIG love for it after a second viewing. My fantasy come to life...well not quite life but as close as I'm likely to get. Still love the original as well, though.

  7. shuzluva

    OMG. This cover is HOT! I totally agree with Sana-chan. Poser looks good for poser...but this is REAL. And I really need one of those skull rings. Of course, my children will wonder what the heck I'm thinking.

    Can't WAIT for this to come out!


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