Why I’m Not a Fan of Nathan Fillion

He‘s not conventionally good-looking, but has a disarming, devil-may-care grin that can melt your drawers right off. He’s talented, charming, funny, and his line deliveries are always on point. All you gotta do is watch him on Firefly (only on DVD, since frickin’ FOX cancelled it after 11 episodes!) and you’ll see what I’m talking about. As Captain Mal Reynolds, he was pretty much a pirate: unprincipled, devious, cunning, a thief… yet he wouldn’t steal from the poor and had a stubborn grip on his own code of honor that may be his tragic flaw. There’s just a presence about this man that will force you to acknowledge him when he’s onscreen and you’ll find yourself unable to look away. He’s commanding, larger-than-life, and devastatingly charismatic. Yet I’m not a fan.

For the simple fact that his followers call themselves Fillionaires. I’m sorry, but that’s just the lamest shit I’ve ever heard. But then again, followers of Christian Bale called themselves Baleheads. What’s more lame?

Either way, Slither is so gonna kick ass this weekend. Go see it, dear readers. You’ll thank me for it, I promise.

ETA (4/17/2006): I have decided to indulge a full-blown crush on this man. I am even willing to be called a Fillionaire. Proudly.

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8 thoughts on “Why I’m Not a Fan of Nathan Fillion

  1. Jennifer R

    Speaking as a drooling fangirl of him, I would NEVER use "Fillionaire" *winces*.

    Thanks for posting the crotch shot of him anyway, though 🙂 Much appreciated! *saves*

  2. jmc

    Okay, I've been totally in lust with him since watching Firefly. But Fillionaires? Ick. He's written off my List of Six.

  3. Anonymous

    Baleheads is pretty lame, but I still think he's hot.

    Though Fillionaires really takes the cake for me, though I saw him wearing a kilt once and thought yes...yes he probably is packing.

  4. Bam

    Nate in a kilt?

    Damn, suddenly I'm in the mood to read a Scottish Highlander romance...

    Perhaps some Julie Garwood. heh-heh-heh.


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