Two in the Saddle… Are They Talking about His Testicles?

Bam’s a violent violent woman, and is holding my nipples hostage until I post for her. Dear Cowboy Man, did you know constant violent pressure makes your junk go blind? How are you going to bring another child into this world if you’re sterile? On second thought, any man that tries to entice me into his saddle with a creepy baby should not be allowed animate sperm. Why is that kid staring at me with its creepy anime eyes? Am I high? Is that child Rosemary’s Baby, and now the two of them are gonna lasso me into their creepy ranch and eat my brains?

This cover’s from Amber. Sorry, Amber, Bam’s teaching me how to swim by tossing me in the ocean. It’s fucking freezing out here and I think something just bit my leg.

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2 thoughts on “Two in the Saddle… Are They Talking about His Testicles?

  1. Joe

    Mmmm... he looks like rough trade to me. Get rid of that fucking baby and it's on, lover!

    Hope to see more from you, "EP". Are you a short little Asian chick like Bam or do you look more like this yummy piece of man meat on this cover? 😉

    Mmmm... a boy can dream, can't he?

  2. Ammie

    The emblem on the cover reads "THREE Cowboys and a Baby."

    Dream BIG, Jon. Big and Slutty.

    But, yes, get rid of the fucking baby, coz that's just a DCS nightmare waiting to happen. As are all babies.


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