Fallen Star by Morgan Hawke (Loose-id)

Grade: B+

Even though I enjoyed Morgan Hawke’s novella offering in the anthology Hard Candy, I had no intention of reading this book. You’ll only have to look at the cover of this book to find out why. Homeboy standing behind homegirl—who I think might be a mannequin—is wearing one of them long coats that fascists always wear in futuristic sci-fi stories and it makes the bottom part of his body look like a Glo Worm. Homeboy kneeling in front of homegirl and has his arm under her thigh? I don’t even know what’s going on there. Why do these e-books have such awful covers? It almost makes me yearn for the covers of yore with Fabio on them wearing skin-tight black leather pants. Rinda Elliot suggested that I check it out anyway because she thought it was pretty good and since I enjoyed Morgan Hawke’s writing style, I thought I’d go ahead and plunk down the dough for it. Did the inside of the book match the awfulness of the cover? Nope, it’s actually pretty good. There were some parts that made me wince and want to scrub myself with a steel brush under a scalding hot shower, but overall, it’s a pretty good read. By the way, some of the stuff in this book is more hardcore than the stuff in the Hentai films I’ve seen… err, accidentally seen (like I was kidnapped, tied up, and forced to watch them). Even if you’re a seasoned veteran reader of erotica and love smut like grape jelly on toast, I think you will still find a few things in this story that’s guaranteed to satisfy your perv jones.

Our heroine Isabeau Fallon is a master thief known as the elusive Fallen Star. She’s never been caught, never been tagged, because she’s very quick and very clever. One night, while hanging out in some seedy bar, she encounters a compelling man named Sobehk, a Skeldhi alien, and totally makes out with him in front of everyone. Before their make-out session could turn into a very public bang session, Fallon escapes from him, and what follows is a cat and mouse situation where Sobehk eventually catches Fallon only because she severely injures herself from trying to free herself from the force cuffs (from what I understand, they’re handcuffs that are robotically controlled and compels the wearer to do whatever that captor wants it to do) that Sobehk places on her wrists. Anyway, to save her life, he injects into her Skeldhi DNA (not like that, you perverts) that genetically changes her into a freaky-deaky alien sex toy, then he injects her his own alien DNA… if you know what I mean and I think you do. Afterwards, Sobehk takes Fallon to this spaceship where he tells her that she is going through a process that will turn her into a Skeldhi sex slave and she now belongs to him. We get the usual “I refuse to belong to any man!” and “I belong only to myself” cakes but Fallon stops protesting after a while, and accepts her new lot in life as a sex slave.

By the way, Sobehk has two penises. TWO. One on top of the other. That means anal for Fallon. Each and every time. Make of that what you will.

Just as Fallon is settling into her new calling as an overgrown pet, an assassin from Fallon’s former life is sent after her, and Fallon easily kills him, but not before he severely injures Sobehk. Sobehk is taken into the infirmary and Fallon gets another dose of the alien DNA that will mutate her into a love monkey, but I guess to make the injection work, it needs to be followed by some Skeldhi anal lovin’, but since Sobehk is injured and is not up to the task, his buddy Khan does it for him. Oh, and by the way, whichever Skeldhi gives the action after the dose leaves an “impression” on the sex slave, so that the sex slave will only want him and will die without him. As it turns out, Sobehk never left an “impression” on Fallon and the reason Fallon finds herself unable to keep herself away from Sobehk is because she’s in luuuuurve with him. Or something. Either way, it doesn’t matter because Khan is now Fallon’s new master and she can’t live without him, either. Also, Khan is a sadistic bastard who keeps threatening to beat Fallon and I know this is sick, but I found it kind of hot. I mean, not that I want some gigantic Legolas-looking fucker to beat me or anything, but I don’t know… Shut up.

Anyway, Khan gives Fallon a mind probe and finds out that she’s got half a code in her brain that makes her a sleeper assassin and someone out there has the other half of the code that will activate Fallon into a badass killer if he ever got his hands on Fallon. This means that Fallon was sent by some bad guy to kill someone important and now Sobehk and Khan have to find out who has the code and who Fallon’s target is.

I know that sounds horribly confusing, but at this point of the book, I was just focused on the fact that Khan also HAS TWO PENISES. That’s FOUR PENISES in total, including Sobehk’s, for you readers out there keeping track. FOUR PENISES!

There’s some cool world-building here that’s really impressive. Morgan Hawke has one hell of an imagination. The customs, the ship, the atmosphere… with the way that Morgan Hawke describes them, I was able to see them in my mind. It’s crazy. The Skeldhi culture is an especially interesting one because their women go through these cycles where they will only want to have sex every two years. Because of this, the Skeldhi men tend to go fucking nuts, so as a solution, the Skeldhi men kidnap human women, turn them into these hybrid sex slaves (mere humans can’t handle Skeldhi lovin’), and keep them as pets, so that they don’t have to bother the Skeldhi women. There’s also a bunch of computer talk in this book that I bet my genius Master of the Code boyfriend would be interested in, but since I’m not very computer savvy, I just mostly glossed over that stuff. That shit is boring to me.

On to the sex. Khan is the master. He wants Sobehk to be his right hand man, but Sobehk refuses because he is not a submissive. They are both very hot Alpha dudes, but neither of them mind sharing Fallon and getting freaky deaky with each other. That’s cool. Later on, they both admit to loving Fallon, but I have a hard time believing this because they really do treat her as a pet and make her fucking eat on the floor. I’m sorry, but to me, romantic love also implies trust and respect. YOU CAN’T RESPECT SOMEONE AND MAKE THEM EAT ON THE FUCKING FLOOR. But you know, to each his own. Fallon, on the other hand, admits to being in love with both men, but I’m not convinced of this shit, either, because they did fuck with her brain and since she never had parents and grew up in institutions, it’s not like she wasn’t damaged to begin with. That shit is just Stockholm Syndrome, dude. It’s not love. It can’t be. Maybe I’m naïve and shit, but you can’t love someone and be able to piss on them. Unless you’re R. Kelly.

Yes, someone urinates on Fallon. And that shit’s not hot, man.

Anyway, this was a very interesting read. It’s a little heavy on the kink for my taste, but the après-sex scenes are always very tender and sweet. Morgan Hawke really knows how to write a scene that is loaded with emotion with pretty kickass dialogue to boot. She’s a very brutally dark writer that really pushes the envelope and can make the reader really think about some of this stuff seriously. This lady is not afraid to explore the darker side of human nature and I give her total kudos for that. It’s like she doesn’t know how to wimp out or something. She may make you feel uncomfortable and make you consider shit that you never even thought could enter your mind, but what’s important here is that she makes you feel. This is definitely one e-book I won’t forget for a long time. If you’re ready to read something very dark, very kinky and think you can look at yourself—really, really look at yourself—in the mirror afterward, then get this book right now. If not, I won’t think any less of you, Mister.

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9 thoughts on “Fallen Star by Morgan Hawke (Loose-id)

  1. Rinda Elliott

    I suggested you try the books because I wanted to see if someone else had the same reaction I did. .. grin..

    Shocked -big time, grossed out some--yeah, but sucked into a damn good story. Even though it was too hard core for me (a couple of things were outright too much-- eck), the story caught me. I'll probably keep up with the writer to see what else she does. She's pretty good-- I'd love to see her do some more sci-fi writing.

    A lot of the alien culture and sci fi stuff, as well as what really happens during the transformation is explained in more detail in book one. I loved the world building she did in these books. It was so vivid! And I'm a sucker for all the computer talk-- in VS, she was even a nav-pilot. ..sigh..

    Yeah, I agree, this book was hard core. I had to skim sometimes, and I'm sure my eyes were pretty wide learning about things that... well, I'm not sure I wanted to know... but there's just something about the characters and story --you keep reading.

    In the first book, VS, I almost didn't make it through the first erotic scene. Got pissed. But... I kept going. There are reasons for some bad behavior. You might actually like that one more-- one hero is a human.

    I was wondering what you'd think of Kahn. He has to be one of the more, er, interesting heroes I've read in a long time. And yeah, he does stuff that is seriously NOT HOT-- but for some reason, he was still hot himself. Go figure.

    I pulled the book back up today to refresh my memory-- my cheeks are still red. I'd forgotten how RAW these stories are. Oops. But you're right, they aren't stories you forget easily.

  2. Pat Kirby

    Well you know the sex is gonna be hard core when one of the guys (one on the right), has the forearm of unusual proportions.

    The cover alone would keep me from downloading this sucker. I don't what that kind of filth--as in terrible graphics--on my harddrive. (Sex is no problem, but that cover, oy veh.)

  3. barbara

    Totally loved the entire Interstellar Space Discipline series. Loved everything about it but was unconvinced about the love part. Yeah I'm sure Sobekh and Khan loved each other but I'm not so sure they loved her. It was kinda sudden and came out of nowhere. It seemed more the indulgent affection of a pet owner.
    I've never read the author yet who's convinced me that the woman is loved when she's entered an already established relationship between two men.

    Still these stories are among my favorites.

  4. aries75

    This book sounds as erotic as diving into an open sewer. I'm surprised it was even published, as most ebook places have a "no watersports/scat" rule.

    Maybe some can read it with a "stare at the scene of a car accident" type of morbid fascination, but I always felt the whole point of erotica was to get turned *on* (and wtf is sexy about humiliation, degradation, and abuse? No thanks. If I want to induce vomiting, downing a bottle of Syrup of Ipecac would be far more pleasant 😛 )

  5. Anonymous

    Can you mail me the ebook . i am very interested to read but unfortunately can`t buy it . My email is hotjimmylatigo@yahoo.com . i myself have a collection of moree than 7000 ebooks but nothing erotica . all classy writers varying from Shakespeare to Ian Fleming to US armed forces manuals . Will be more than grateful if you can do so .

  6. Jage

    "I mean, not that I want some gigantic Legolas-looking fucker to beat me or anything, but I don’t know… Shut up."

    HAHAHAHAHA. I want to make that my msn name, fricking brilliant.

    I personally won't be reading this book but great review. I was highly amused.


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