What on Earth is a Jillaroo?

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Publisher: Harlequin Romance #2184
Author(s): Kerry Allyne
ISBN: 0373021844
Publication Year: 1978
Category: Contemporary Romance
Mark wasn’t a man you could bluff!

Shannon realized that during their first confrontation!

With the help of her friend Guy Crawford. Shannon had concocted a story to get the job as jillaroo on the Seymour station. But pretending on paper was different from working under Mark’s coldly efficient supervision.

Then she made the mistake of falling in love with him. Still, everything might have turned out all right if only Guy hadn’t shown up, giving Mark entirely the wrong impression.

At first I thought the heroine’s name was Tuesday and a “jillaroo” was kind of like “shenanigans” or an “oopsie”. Like “Oh, no, I’m pregnant. What a jillaroo!”

Huh. According to Wikipedia, Jackaroos are “trainee Australian stockmen, also known as ‘station hands’. [They] work on large ranches called stations. [They] traditionally rode horses for livestock maintenance and mustering, but increasingly motorized vehicles are used (The female form of jackaroo is jillaroo).”. Umm… so a cowgirl? Why didn’t the author just say so? Australians are weird, man.

Speaking of Australians, I bet a whole tribe of Aborigines could live in her hair. That’s an awesome ‘fro! And what’s with the guy hovering over her shoulder? He looks like a constipated Hugh Grant! Man, I can’t stop staring at this cover. It’s horrendous, yet fabulous at the same time. It’s like Paris Hilton!

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